You Aren’t Rosa Parks

Okay, so let’s try this again.  We left off, I believe, at the corner of Heroism and Illegal Activities.


“Breaking the law does not automatically qualify you to be hero.  A hero does what’s right even if it’s difficult.  It’s easy to say yes to drinking alcohol.  So, the heroic act would actually be to say no.”


Silence.  I think I’ve made my case here.


“Plus,” I add, “I think that you would agree that you getting arrested for drinking illegally isn’t exactly on the same level as Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus.”


“Why not?”


You’re killing me, kid.  This is a fictional argument, and you’re still making me think too hard.


“Uh, because you are not protesting an unjust law that limits your equal rights.”


Darn it, I already know I stepped in it with that.  Erase that line.  That’s not going to be part of the final script.  Because it will just get us into a side conversation about kids being people too, and why don’t they get equal rights, and how does a number your number of years on this earth determine your ability to handle adult decisions, etc.. .  We’ve already been down this road.  Well, actually, we haven’t.  But I’m pretty sure we will have by the time we actually have this conversation.  So, strike the above response from the record, please.


Okay, so after she says, “Why not?” my response will be, “Just ask yourself this, ‘Could my name go down in history books for taking this stand?  Or am I just going to be another anonymous kid with an M.I.P.  and a mother who is so p.o.’d that she takes away my car for a year?’”


“I don’t have a car.”


“Well, if you think you’re going to get one now, you’ve got another thing coming.”


“But I haven’t even done anything wrong.”




Yeah, this is going to be a great conversation.  Take note, parents everywhere.






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