#1 Cardinal Rule of Blogging

I messed up.  I violated my #1 Cardinal Rule of Blogging.

My husband is not allowed to read my blog.  He’s been quite understanding about this – in fact, I think that he’s probably a little relieved.  He knows I am a needy person who craves unreasonable amounts of encouragement.  There is no way he can win here.  Either he reads it and responds with passionate praise, and I think he is lying to make me feel better or he reads it and gives me the lukewarm response, which crushes me and sends me into one of my infamous funks.

Now, allow me to pause a moment to tell you about my wonderful husband.  He is sweet and kind and a fabulous husband and father.  Two of his more bittersweet characteristics, though, are that he does not like to read and that he is honest.

That he doesn’t like to read can be good because he does not always have his nose stuck in a book, like yours truly, letting life pass him by.  And the rest of this post will explain why being honest can be a bad thing.

After penning what I thought to be a clever and slightly humorous post, my daughter found me chuckling at the computer.  In a moment of insanity, I vacated the desk chair, and let her read about our bulldog’s decorating fetish.

She laughed at exactly all of the right places, was a little confused at the bulldog’s name change until I pointed out the asterisk at the end of the entry, and laughed even harder that I was trying to protect “the guilty”.

“You should show this to Daddy,” she said when she finished.

And I broke my cardinal rule.

My husband silently read the blog and, at the end, said, in that slightly higher-pitched, I-better-say-something-nice voice, “That’s cute.”

That’s it.  I guess I should be glad that he didn’t call it “interesting” or “different”.

Uh oh.  Lukewarm praise.  Not a good sign.  Now comes the Silent Fuming.  Then comes The Discussion.  Then the “I’m not Fuming; what are you talking about?”  Finally, the Real Discussion.  Then the reassurances which I will accept but not believe.  Then life will go on.

The thing is that I always get mad at my husband when I am really mad at myself.   So, I guess I should say, “I’m sorry, Hon, for taking out my frustration about my oversensitivity on you.” OR, what I really mean to say, “I’m sorry, Hon, for asking you to read my blog when I knew No Good Could Come of This.”

Too bad he’s never going to read that.


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  1. I always cringe before press ‘publish’ imagining what people will think about it. It gets better!

  2. bigsheepcommunications

    Sort of equivalent to “do these jeans make me look fat?” There’s no safe way to respond to that question.

    I don’t mind my husband reading my blog, but I cringe thinking about my mother reading it!

  3. Hmmm … My husband has strangely similar characteristics. Honest … Hates to read … Oddly encouraging and yet not really. Is this why you and I are never in the same room together?

  4. Try feeding your spouse chapters of your latest book, but only when she asks for more, and she quits asking. Torture! I finally came to grips with the fact that she is not my target audience. It helps, but still hurts!

  5. When I first started my blog, I went through almost this exact thing. Until I stated, unequivocally that I was demanding that he read it, laugh excessively, and tell me how amazing and awesome I am, in regards to everything. It has worked out very well for our marriage 🙂

  6. haha…this is often the exact same response I get from my husband when I ask him to read my blog!! Now, I just paraphrase my posts for him 😉

  7. I let my wife read my Blogs. She never says anything positive, it’s mostly her telling me I spelled something wrong.

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