The Continuing Adventures of Wonderbutt

So Wonderbutt has had a little difficulty adjusting to my new, old work schedule.  As a teacher, I am back on the job.  And the separation anxiety has motivated Wonderbutt to continue his renovations of our palatial abode.

He has a renewed dislike for our carpeting, as evidenced by the picture.  Or, maybe it’s the padding that disturbs him. I can’t tell if he is just redistributing it or actually devouring it piece by piece.  As he makes alterations in this giant jigsaw puzzle, I have given up trying to put it back into place.   i just roll the carpet back over it and try not to trip over the lumps.

The Second Day unveiled a slightly less frenzied approach.  Same spot, a little less carpet overturned.  No bone.

On the Third Day, Dimples and I entered an apparently undisturbed landscape.  I sighed with relief that Wonderbutt seemed to be adjusting to our longer absences.  Then I smelled a rat.

I really thought it was a rat.  The rodents apparently think that they are going to find something other than blistering heat in our attic and keep crawling up there to die.  We are made aware of their corpses when they begin to smell horribly.  Apparently our pricey contract with the pest control company that promises “full exclusion” is interpreted differently by the rats.

Dimples wrinkled her nose.  And I headed to the phone to call the rodent wranglers.  Dimples stopped me.

“I knew it, ” she said.  “I knew it was too good to be true,” (referring to the untouched carpet).

Ah yes.  No rat.  Just another gift from Wonderbutt.  In our dining room.  No pink bow on it. Or in it.  (F.Y.I. – the pink bow has never made a visible reappearance.)

Fourth Day.  As has been the custom every morning this week, we presented Wonderbutt with a new gift.  Previously, it had been different versions of the Nylabone in the hopes that he would find them a better alternative than our carpet.  On the Fourth Day, we tried a recent purchase called the Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball.  Though it sounded like something you would find in a Harry Potter book, I doubted it would be quite as magical.

Well, the treat is not everlasting.  But the brown stain in the carpet from the treat will be.  Between the lumps and the stain (in a completely different region) our carpet is beginning to look like some crazed cartography experiment gone wrong.

However, Wonderbutt was quite pleased with the toy.  He paraded the plastic treat holder around the house when we came home, and showed off the hilly area of carpet that had remained untouched for one whole day.

One more work day for him to adjust.  Then comes the weekend and his days will return to his favorite kind of normal.  Except for the time we will spend hunting the pet stores for refills for the Everlasting Treat Ball, he will be able to bask in the glow of his adoring family as he dreams about new ways to improve his imperfect world.

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  1. New dog just ate my comforter. I was upset. I feel better now. Thank you.

  2. Oh dear naughty Wonderbutt. He is showing his disapproval at you going back to work and leaving him.
    I know this sounds daft but is there anyone near to you who would be willing to take him for a walk . This would give him something to look forward to and use up some of his mis -spent energy

  3. Not daft. Unfortunately, not possible either. We did try walking him in the morning, but he only lasts about half a block before he’s worn out.

  4. Love this post. I have two goldens who enjoy excavating treats from our bathroom garbage can and covering our carpet with fur. They are slowly working their way through my daughters’ stuffed animal collections. So there is an upside.

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