Don’t Hate Me Because I Don’t Like You

Let me clarify.  The absence of me liking you does not necessarily mean that I dislike you.

And now you are probably beginning to understand the title of my blog.  I have a slight communication problem.  Usually it sorts itself out when I am typing, as opposed to when I am speaking.  I seem to be having technical difficulties today.

O.K.  So, let’s begin again.  I do not do Facebook.  Why, you may ask, am I the one forty something year old woman on God’s green Earth who does not participate in this massive social network?  Am I so technologically inept that I can’t even build a Wall and upload Photos?

Of course I could do these things; I just choose not to do them on Facebook.  Let me tell you, people, I am so tech savvy, I probably knew about Facebook before you were even born.  I considered opening an account way before people ever thought tweeting about going to the bathroom would be a fun way to spend the day.  But I didn’t.  Because I figured Facebook was a non-starter, and I didn’t have the time to waste reporting my life story as it happened.

Yeah.  I know.  Ironic, huh?  I thought maxi dresses were never going to take off, either.

Anyway, I fill my time with other things, so now I can’t be bothered with such trivial details as playing Farmville.

First of all, I must check my stats.  Secondly, I must visit every blog I can find and comment so that the authors will be amazed by my wittiness and feel the need to visit my own site.  Then, I must try to compose my next new latest and greatest blog post.  In addition, I have to download app updates on my iDevices, restock my store in Fashion Story, and check to see if there are any new Glee songs that I want to sing and record.  I have to make my moves on:  Words with Friends, Hangin’ with Friends, and Chess with Friends.  By that time, it’s time to check my stats again.

You see my dilemma.

So, I want you to know that when you “Like” me, I really appreciate it.  And I would love to return the favor.  In most cases, I visit your blog and try to write a clever comment on your most recent post.  As soon as I figure out what the heck I’m doing with my Google Plus account, I will even +1 you.  What I mean to say is, “Please don’t be offended if I don’t like you back.”

It’s not you.  It’s me.  Really.


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  1. critters and crayons

    hahahahaa! I’m on Facebook and sometimes wish I hadn’t joined because of the time suck. Giving up my smartphone was a big step in focusing on more important things. I’m on Google+ but haven’t spent any time trying to figure it out and haven’t checked it since signing up. As for the “like” on facebook, it’s so oversimplified that it doesn’t mean anything. As I read your post on communication problems, I have to laugh. I received a gently worded criticism today from the world’s nicest classiest lady about my inappropriate sense of humor in my “reply all” responses for a non-profit I work for. I’m always surprised that people don’t share my love of humor, sometimes crass, sometimes bold, and, in this case, wildly inappropriate and unintentionally offensive. ugh. So, your post came at the right time. I needed that- to know that I’m not the only one. hahahaha!

    • I always forget, when I am e-mailing, that people can’t hear the actual tone I hear in my head. So my attempts at humor quite often fall flat too. Sometimes, I feel like I should write my e-mails like a script. ex. Narrator (in sarcastic voice): This is so not what I meant to say!

  2. I don’t play Farmville or any of those other games but my friends online do. I didn’t know that if you approved their requests for “gifts” once that meant you were somehow integral to their game. I’ve actually had people come up to me at work, irate that I’ve yet to respond to their gift requests. Insane.

  3. Obviously, I HAD to like this post.

    My dog loved it too he said. In between playing Farmville and updating his status on Facebook

  4. Haha thats funny!! I dont play farmville but i do know that it is really important to the economy. Because if people dont tend to their crops they will die!! Duh!! The same thing with whatever that fish tank game is . We need fish to survive.

  5. PS Let us know if you are ever going to join facebook so that will give us time to take down our posts about you !! LOL

  6. You are one funny woman and I’m glad you commented on my blog so that I could find you and add you to the list of people I have no time to read, thereby causing me to sometimes do things like not send in my tax returns or keep dental appointments so that I can catch up on all the blog posts. So I will try to read and even comment every once in awhile.

    • critters and crayons

      hahahahaahaha! I do that, too! I’ve got a play room floor I can’t see because I should be sorting by season and size to make sense of our back to school closets. But, it’s more fun to read blogs and comment about other people reading blogs and commenting. 🙂

    • I know what you mean. I got a little “subscribe happy” when I started my blog and am now feeling like I checked off every magazine at Publishers Clearing House!

  7. Somewhere around here is a list of things to do….oh, to heck with it. I enjoy reading blogs too much. And it’s okay if you don’t “like” me – I only do Facebook because I moved 1300 miles away from my family and it’s easier – and gives me more free time for, well, blogging.

  8. I love the way you write!! Virtual high five!

  9. You left a comment on my blog. It amazed me. I am here.

    It worked! 🙂

  10. Reading your light-hearted stories and anecdotes is one of the things I’m happy to say I’ve worked into my daily routine. Thanks for being my first commenter and bringing me here. ^_^

  11. Well, I liked you so hopefully you won’t hate me. I hate being hated. I joined Facebook at 66 because my wife was hearing tings about my daughter from friends, which they were finding on Facebook. It seems to me that Facebookers are a lot less inclined to read than they are to write. That is, it seems a bit more narcissistic than blogging, although there’s plenty of that to go around in the blogosphere, too.

  12. What the heck is heck is Google Plus?

    Thanks for the smile. 🙂

  13. FaceBook is for stay at home nut cases like myself who only use it as a means of avoiding her 4 children, husband and the ever increasing hill of Mt.Laundry- which used to get done before she ever joined the darkside of said Social Media. “Not now kids, Mommy’s on FaceBook”.

  14. Ah Facebook. I removed my account. I didn’t find a real purpose to having one.

    I’ll click Like on this post though. Cheers.

    [I found your blog via Bassa’s, by the way]

  15. Well said. Nice and candid.

  16. Miranda Gargasz

    I am glad you read my blog because I never would have found you. I AM that technologically inept. I find every blog I read by reading the comments on other blogs. I started with a Freshly Pressed blog and it snowballed from there……I am on Facebook. Not for any reason other than we have family in the military that we connected with via FB. It was also a good way to connect with cousins who were away at college. Now, I use it to connect with some blog friends and to post funny stuff. I also use it to update family on my blog posts. It can be good. I promise. I, however, am unable to put a Facebook like button on my blog, because, and here we come full circle, I am technologically inept. Thanks for sharing your Wonderbutt family with us. I soooo look forward to your posts!

  17. Hey, don’t feel bad. I don’t have a Facebook, either! Also, I love your explanation of what you are doing instead. I just started a blog, and I find myself checking my stats freakishly often. They seem somehow addictive!

  18. Wise choice for sure, blog on! It’s like going back to junior high all over again as an adult! I’m thankful facebook didn’t exist for ANY of my adolescent life… drama drama drama!

  19. I really love this post, people put to much emphasis on Facebook, Of course i do have one but I dont even really use it all to much, great post though

  20. you have given me so many laughs already and I’ve only read a few of your posts! I love your humour and can’t wait to find some time off from facebook to read the rest!

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