Get Your Tickets Now!

We are going to a concert this weekend. I was very excited about it when we bought the tickets. Now that the time has nearly arrived, I don’t want to go. I had a tough week and I’m tired, and the thought of fighting crowds, sitting on the ground, and getting upset with people who don’t respect my space just doesn’t seem worth it. But I’m going anyway. Because I know I will be happy afterward that I did. Well, that’s not the whole reason. It’s mostly because we bought tickets, and I don’t want the money to go down the drain.

Which made me think about the motivational potential of tickets. I think there may be a business opportunity here that needs to be explored.

For example, we really need to clean out our garage. We have been saying that for three years. But we never do it. We always find reasons not to do it, and there is no real urgency, other than the fact that we can’t park our cars in it.

What if we bought “garage cleaning tickets”, though, for next Saturday? We couldn’t justify any type of excuse if we had paid $100 for them, right? What’s better – to be out $100 with a clean garage, or to be out $100 with a space that needs to be condemned by the city as unsafe?

Do you see my point?

Oh, I guess there are some flaws in this idea. But you People have to think big! There are flaws in every business plan. However, put a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates in charge and you’re in the money.

Stop snickering, there, Idiot Speaketh, you with your George-isms and cynical views. I expect you to be a negative nelly. Ask Kramer what he thinks, and I’ll bet he thinks it’s a great idea.

I’m pretty sure notquiteold and h.e.ellis will support me on this one. And how could ifiwerebraveblog be anything but willing to take a chance on such a great business proposition?

If you, too, want in on this great opportunity, let me know. I’m going to work on my website right now. It’s going to be called “Stick-It Master – the Site Where You Get to Stick it to Yourself if You Don’t Get the Job Done”.

It’s a wonder why I’m not a millionaire yet.

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  1. Love it. First on my list – tickets to the great-hanging-pictures-palooza of 2011.

  2. I thought you were going to sell tickets to clean out your garage, the prize for the highest bidder would be Wonderbutt.
    I would pledge my soul for that little doggie xxxxxx

  3. and also Mrs P I B

  4. What a stroke of brilliance! I should do that too. We have the neighbors here that buy tickets just to be able to drag home more junk.

  5. That might actually get me to finish writing my book…

  6. What a clever post. I am going to propose this idea at dinner tonight and I am heading to notquiteold right now. THX

  7. I have a confession to make. Three weeks ago I wasted very expensive second row seating to hear a guy I love (Raul Malo). And I wasted them for a reason that is so completely foreign to my nature. I plain forgot.

    • I am so worried that I will do that some day. I program reminders into our Family Google calendar that drive Cap’n Firepants and Dimples crazy because they keep ringing on their devices too. I figure between the three of us we’ve got to remember, right?

  8. There’s gold in that there idea!

  9. Ok well for everybody’s Christmas present this year i am giving them free tickets to the cleaning party at my house!

  10. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Snicker….snicker…..doublesnicker…… 🙂

  11. DOnt show my step mom these new tickets I will be having a differentr ticket sent to me every weekend 😉

  12. Count me in! I want to be in on this money making venture too!! Pyramid selling, Schmyramid selling!!!, this is the way forward!!!

  13. Hooray! I knew you would see the beauty in this idea!

  14. You really should be rich by now! There’s no justice in this cold, hard world…

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