Wonderbutt is Wiped

Since Wonderbutt dismantled our house the last time we tried a house sitter, we decided it would be more prudent to try boarding him and Mrs. Pain in the Butt for the two nights we would be visiting our cousins in Houston.

We had never boarded the dogs before, so we had no idea how this was going to pan out.  After much research (okay a few phone calls), I finally settled on the perfect spot for the dogs’ Staycation.

Keep in mind that it had only been a couple of days since Wonderbutt’s Revenge in my car.  So I had some trepidation about the trip to their doggy hotel.  No need to worry, though.  They were anxious in the car, but we arrived at our destination with no New Car de Poop scent added to my car’s interior.

Wonderbutt entered the building cautiously, sniffing the floor hesitantly at the entrance.    Once the receptionist offered a few treats (I gave up the weight loss goals for him as soon as she pulled out the biscuits) he was more than happy to leave my side.  Mrs. Pain in the butt, however, was not fooled by such blatant attempts to bribe her.  She dug in her heels as soon as I turned over the leash to the attendant, and skiied into the kennel area while looking back at me pitifully.

Laden with guilt, Dimples and I returned to our dogless house to pack our bags for our Houston weekend.  We tried not to miss Wonderbutt’s shenanigans and Mrs. P.I.B.’s relentless attempts to force her muzzle into our hands that weren’t doing anything anyway.  It was a relief when we finally hit the road, leaving a far-too-quiet and much less gaseous house behind.

If you’ve read the last couple of posts, you know that we actually got to spend our weekend with two more dogs, so all was not lost.  As our time to return home loomed, however, I started to wonder how our own dogs were going to greet us when we picked them up from their Rover Resort.

I was eager to try to assuage any vengeful feelings on Wonderbutt’s part by offering the new Purple Kitty gifted by our cousins, the Globetrotters.  But first he would have to make it through the car ride home without Incident.

When we swung by to pick up the dogs on Sunday afternoon, Cap’n Firepants volunteered to chauffeur while Dimples and I sat in the back seat with Wonderbutt and Mrs. P.I.B. panted and drooled from her customary spot in the rear.  Wonderbutt studiously ignored our attempts at affection as he stared at the car’s a.c. vent, tongue hanging down to his knees.

When we got home, instead of heading for any of his fave toys, Wonderbutt immediately went to the water bowl and tanked up.  Then he flattened himself on the kitchen tile.  The only things he moved for the next twenty minutes were his eyebrows as he watched us move back and forth.

He reluctantly rose to eat his dinner.  And, for the first time since we’ve known him, Wonderbutt left food in his bowl.  I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone as Mrs. P.I.B. actually walked over to his bowl to snarf down the leftovers instead of the other way around.

Ignoring the encroachment on his bowl, Wonderbutt wandered out to the living room, and was soon asleep again.

His coma lasted another twelve hours at least.  When I left for work Monday morning, he lifted his head less than inch, and opened one eyelid before crashing his face back down into the pillow.

Wonderbutt’s Revenge was postponed for now.  And so was his introduction to the Purple Kitty.  I’m keeping my fingers and eyes crossed that Wonderbutt and Big Mean Kitty don’t decide to conspire together during this brief respite from animal hijinks.


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  1. Love me some wond…. Uhhhh WB. Poor baby. He is so tired.

  2. He might need a sleep study with that snoring ! LOL

  3. Our cats get a bit irritated with us when we they have a staycation. We come home eager to see them and snuggle, but they protest by ignoring us. We’ve now refer to this attitude as “pet lag.” Within a day they come around and we can’t peel them off of us. I’m sure Wonderbutt will be back to his usual antics in no time.

  4. Good read.

    I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award.

  5. Staycations are stressful! Years and years ago, we boarded our dog while on vacation. When I picked him up a week later, the vet came out and gave me hell for bringing them a sick dog. “Sarge isn’t sick,” I protested. But the vet said they thought he would die before we came back. I brought him home and he was perfectly FINE. Sarge changed his attitude about going to the boarding house once my sister had little kids running around. He used to beg us to send him away!

  6. lol, he groans in his sleep 🙂
    I’m looking to send my dog to a staycation type place for a week around xmas… hopefully he comes home just as pooched 🙂

  7. Wonderbutt…love it!

  8. Sherman is limp like laundry on the floor after daycare every Tuesday. It’s hilarious, because he’s usually a spotted streak of ambition, into everything he should leave alone, but Tuesday night finds him exhausted. I posted some photos today of him this Tuesday night, too tired to even get up and have a snack or a drink.

    It sounds like Wonderbutt enjoyed his time with his doggie friends!

  9. Love him with his tongue hanging out! The one time we’ve boarded the puggles it was so traumatic for them. When we brought them home they did the beagle howl thing for like an hour, with their little mouths in a circle.

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