I Love Dr. Jimmy (In a Completely Hippocratic Way, Of Course)

Not too long ago, I published a post ranting about my frustrations with some of the doctors I’ve encountered.  Telling people in my blog what I really wish I’d said to them in person is what this site is all about.  But not every missed opportunity to speak up is a complaint.  Today’s post is dedicated to a compliment I wish I’d given.

When I don’t feel well, I call Dr. Jimmy’s office.  A Real Person answers, not an automated voice with a confusing menu of choices, none of which actually apply to your situation, advising you to listen to all of the options because they have changed, then tricking you by making zero, the former talk-to-a-person option, into a non-choice so you have to listen to the blasted menu all over again.

The Real Person at Dr. Jimmy’s calmly listens, and finds a time to fit me in.  Not in a month.  That day.  At a time that is convenient for me.  There is a millisecond of a moment that I’m on hold while she looks up my chart, but there is no irritating scratchy music or ads for new treatments I didn’t know I needed.  And no accidental hangups.

I arrive early for my appointment and the Real Live Person gives me a three-inch sheet of paper with about five things for me to fill out.  I don’t have to fill out three pages of questions that I’ve already answered ten times before about my entire medical history and all of my allergies.  Just check off that nothing has changed since the last time I was here, which for your information, People Who Think I’m a Hypochondriac, was two years ago.

I turn in my little paper stub and my copayment.  I sit down and pull out my iPad.  Two minutes later, I am called back to the exam room.  Yep, you got that right, folks.  Before. My. Appointment. Time.

Weight and blood pressure taken, I wait in the reasonably temperate room.  I am not freezing my butt off in a transparent napkin that covers nothing because I am actually still wearing all of my clothes.  No paper gown dress code for Dr. Jimmy’s office.

As I contemplate taking my iPad out again, in strides Dr. Jimmy.  Casually dressed in jeans and a button down shirt, he shakes my hand and greets me like an I’m an old friend from college he happened to bump into at the grocery store.  In a manner of minutes, he has helped me to identify my physical ailment, empathized with me because he’s suffered through the same symptoms, offered over-the-counter treatment, and asked me to call the office back if this reasonable prescription doesn’t help within a day.

No over-dramatic orders to go see five specialists, get blood tests and x-rays, and to stop eating anything if I ever want to feel better.

I am back in my car within 25 minutes of my arrival.  I could actually go back to work if I want to.

But I don’t.

Thanks, Dr. Jimmy.  I haven’t taken my medicine yet, but I feel better already.


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  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    That is so great when you find a Doc like that. I have a Doctor right now that knowns I will kidnap her and hold her hostage if she ever tries to move away from town. She sounds a lot like your Dr. Jimmy. This lady and her staff have been a Godsend to me……and this is why I can never allow her to leave…. 🙂

  2. I know from what you’ve said in your blog that for you, particularly, she has probably made a huge difference in your life. You’ve had to deal with doctors far more than I have, and I’m sure you could tell a lot more stories than me about the ones who are a discredit to their profession.

  3. I need a Dr. Jimmy. I wonder if works via skype.

  4. I live in the same small town as my son’s pediatrician. One day when my son was sick and I came to pick him up from school we passed his doctor on the way out. When the doctor saw my son he gave him a quick once over, told him he thought it was what was going around and told me to bring him in if it got worse. Some doctors would have billed me for it, but he didn’t. Gotta love good medicine.

  5. We need more Dr. Jimmys (Jimmies?) in the world!

  6. I love your Dr. Jimmy. I used to have a guy like him except he wasn’t on my insurance and each visit was literally several hundred dollars. Then I got kids. I’m still looking for a Dr. Jimmy that takes my insurance.

  7. I am morning the loss of my Dr Jimmy! A physician who actually remembers your name, has time for a descent consult & understands realistic patient visit scheduling!?! No such cresture exists in my hemisphere.

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