Incident Report



Incident report for Case#2011-50074

Incident Type – Damage to Property

Incident Date – 9/29/11

Address – Somewhere in the middle of San Antonio, TX

Victim(s) – Female, age 8 and Female, age It’s-None-of-Your-Business

Details – The two females entered their home at approximately 4:30 PM, and discovered the following destruction:

Latch Hook Rug Yarn Strewn Everywhere - the First Indication a Crime Had Taken Place

The Crime Scene Included the Hallway and 3 Bedrooms

The two suspects, AKA Wonderbutt and Mrs. Pain in the Butt, have past criminal histories of Destruction of Property (particularly when the tall, blonde one senses the approach of a thunderstorm).  It is believed that Mrs. P.I.B. actually does the breaking and entering, while the short over-weight one with an underbite does the destroying.  Both suspects should be considered toothed and dangerous. Detectives are also investigating the whereabouts of the possible Mastermind behind these nefarious acts – a suspect also known as Big Mean Kitty.

Big Mean Kitty's Version of Giving us the Finger

Anyone with information that will lead to the termination of these activities should contact The Wonderbutt Hotline at 555-0000.

Released 09/30/2011 at 5:00 PM

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  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    You sure it wasn’t a cat? Those crafty felines are always trying to frame the poor innocent dogs….. 🙂 By the way, your description is EXACTLY how our local paper would have written about this incident! 🙂

    • It quite possibly could have been Big Mean Kitty’s entire fault. Although the dogs definitely looked guilty. Or maybe they just looked guilty b/c they let a stuffed cat push them around.

  2. This is hilarious 🙂 Great post! I am now following your blog.

  3. It’s great you can have a sense of humour about these willful criminal acts. To catch the master of destruction, watch for latch hook yarn: it’s crappy but true that the poop of the perpetrator will house some strands of evidence.

    I agree with the previous commenter that the cat is the criminal mastermind here. They always are.

  4. At a time that I am feeling so sad about my Stumpy’s disappearance you come up with this wonderful rendition of foul play in your home. It was absolutely hilarious, I laughed till I cried. Wonderbutt and Mrs PIB really are a fearsome duo…..sort of like Batman and Robin..
    I love them to bits but am pleased that it was in your home and not mine!
    Bassa Blog ..where have you been that you have only just discovered this blog… oh you have a lot to look forward to..

    As for The Big Mean Kitty..I agree thatshe/ he was probably the Mastermind behind the whole episode . I think that his punishment should be that he is placed in security for a while until he repents….

  5. Hilarious…as the human of a wild and crazy four-legged…it’s always fun to be the observer of someone else’s life with four-leggeds!!

  6. Woops! somebody is getting locked up for good.

  7. Wonderbutt and Mrs. Pain in the Butt – you are my kind of dogs. We would make a good team. -Bongo

  8. That may have to wait awhile as the two perpetrators have been grounded indefinitely. – Mom of the 2 Butts

  9. Oh boy! What an exciting life you lead… just wondering what will greet you when you get home.

  10. Wow, I’m going to have to be careful and not read your entire blog in one sitting and pass out from laughing…

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