Cap’n Firepants and I have advanced to the iPhone 4s dating stage of our marriage.

When we first welcomed Dimples into the world, dating went on a sabbatical, promising to return refreshed and ready to be even better than before.  Then we realized that we needed to carve some time out for ourselves, and tried to make a regular date once a month.  But the baby-sitting fees killed us.  So, we slacked off.  Now we are beginning to enjoy the unexpected benefits of Dimples’ own surprisingly active social life.

When Dimples gets invited to someone’s house for the evening, we do everything we can to take advantage of the time.   Unfortunately, eight year old girls are not know for planning ahead.  So, this is how it usually goes:

Dimples, when I am picking her up from after school care late Friday afternoon, states, “My BFF is going to see if I can come over.”

Then ensues a discussion of which BFF we are talking about.  For those of you who don’t have 8 year old girls, this can change from minute to minute.

“O.K.  When?”


“Tonight?  It’s almost 5:30 already.  When was this great plan going to be set into motion, exactly?”

“She said she’d call.”

I check my cell phone.  No calls.

Sure enough, though, at 5:45, BFF of the Moment calls.

I call the Cap’n, my own permanent BFF.

“Change in plans,” I say.  “Instead of the dinner I wasn’t planning to cook anyway, we’re going out to celebrate my birthday.”

“Ok,” he gamely agrees, secretly hoping he will now be off the hook for finding a replacement birthday gift now that I have informed him he better not get me that stupid lame-o iPhone 4s.  (We all know what the “s” stands for, really, don’t we?) So, we drop off Dimples and go to a restaurant to begin killing our 2 1/2 hours of freedom.  After a relaxed, non-interrupted meal, mostly talking abut Dimples, we look at our cell phone clocks. Wow.  We still have two more hours before we need to pick up Dimples.

What should we do? Listen to a hot new live band?  Go see the new Clooney movie?  Go somewhere for coffee like the good ole days when caffeine wasn’t going to keep us from sleeping, and who needs sleep anyway?

After much discussion, we decide to go home.

So, as we sit at home, laughing and playing with Wonderbutt and Mrs. P.I.B., I reflect on this new phase in our relationship.  Somewhat improved communication, more face-time with the Cap’n, and apparently faster processing (based on the record speed in which we completed our date). Not bad.

But it could be better.  Hey, I’m not complaining – just looking forward to the next model, er, phase, of our marriage.


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  1. Oh, how I look forward to this stage in my own marraige. With a two boys (4 and 2.5) we seem so far away from where you are…..I look forward to it….

    I stumbled upon your blog and look forward to reading more too!

  2. Im in the new phase where my children like to come have dinner with us when they can. I love it my children actually like us for this phase!

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