Just Because I Don’t Want It Doesn’t Mean You Can Have It

courtesy of Roy Finneren on Flickr

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you have been interested in someone – kind of “courting” this someone, so to speak. Let’s say, then, that you learn a little bit more about this someone, and realize that they aren’t really as great as you thought.  You kind of lose interest.

Then, maybe your best friend suddenly displays some interest in the someone you willingly walked away from.

That’s somewhat bothersome. You might feel a little betrayed.

Did I mention you are married?

Oh, and that your best friend is your husband?

Kind of complicates things.

Just hypothetical, though, remember?  No worries.

O.K.  Here’s the situation. I wanted the new iPhone for my birthday. When I found out more about it, I decided I didn’t want it.

Now, Cap’n Firepants suddenly wants it. He already has a phone that’s one generation newer than mine.

I feel betrayed.

I know that’s irrational.  Cap’n Firepants was more than willing to let me have the one upgrade we have available on our account right now.  He’s asked me several times if I’m sure that I don’t want the iPhone 4S.  And I don’t.  Despite the fact that my current iPhone 3G could’t hold a charge long enough to complete a conversation with the fastest talking auctioneer in the world, or that its case looks like it’s gone through a war in which people fling their cell phone cases onto the ground to test for land mines, I am holding out for the next generation.


Now that he wants it, I am having second thoughts.  Just like the boyfriend I ditched in college who suddenly seemed much more attractive when my best friend started dating him.

O.K., that never happened.  But I’ve seen it happen in lots of movies.  And it seems like it would be painful.

I don’t see why a pirate needs a cell phone anyway.  Can’t he just use his cutlass to get his messages across to people?  Or, what about the stupid parrot?

In an ideal world, I would date the boyfriend until he’s all used up, and then pass him on to my best friend when a better model presents him(it)self.

Somehow, I don’t think Cap’n Firepants would agree to this plan.

He’s so unreasonable.


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  1. Get the upgrade now, sell the old phone. When new phone comes out, buy it and give Firepants your now old phone. That way, you both get new phones every year – it’s just that yours is one step above his.

  2. I feel that why when my husband asks me if I want the last of the ice cream. I never want the bottom of the container – it’s yucky. But then somehow it doesn’t look so yucky in his bowl.

  3. Just get an Android one and all the free apps.

  4. Great and awesome lead-in, by the way. Really locks the reader in.

  5. The boyfriend that you ditched…. that’s what we call ” dog in the manger”, LOL… That’s okay… that’s a common reaction.

    Greetings from California

  6. Love! Great way to lead in……..and you should definitely get the upgrade.

  7. I can’t really comment on here because I could not care less about a mobile phone. Mine is just a basic one that texts , and phones..nothing else.

    Give yours to Wonderbutt to chew. then you can have a new one…your need will be greater than Captain Firepants

  8. Save a ton and do the mid-range upgrade to the iPhone 4. You don’t need no stinkin’ “s” attached to that.

  9. This is funny. I just went through this last year with my hubs. I got The iPhone and he a Droid. I was so jealous that his phone had all this really cool stuff on it and did not cost extra for all the stupid apps he was loading. My apps were costing me so much I just stopped. My phone was over 200 and his a bargain at 99. I was envious so very envious until his phone froze up. AHAHA Then his free apps stopped working. WHA?? say it ain’t so. He was always changing memory cards and fiddling with the battery. He named his phone Piece of $h!t and apparently he was quiet fond of the name because he kept repeating over and over again. In the end my little 200.00 wonder is still going strong, his? It is in the landfill.

  10. Way to go for holding out! I’m going to have to give this all some more consideration, I think…

  11. Brilliant. I really enjoyed this one.

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