Where Did I Go Wrong?

Thanks to Better Parenting Institute. I should probably spend a little more time on that site than it takes to copy an image.

Dimples and I took a little field trip to Michaels the other day (because I’m Oh So Crafty).  I got out of the car, and Dimples, who usually exits on the opposite side, surprised me by popping out on my side.  As we started walking toward the store, she explained – somewhat.

“I didn’t know she was there.”


“The lady on my side.”

It took me a moment… “Wait a minute.  Did you hit her car door with mine?”


“Did you scratch her car?  Did you damage my car?”

“I don’t know.  I just closed the door real fast and came out on your side.”

I had to process this.  We entered the store, and I started my duck hunt.  Duck Tape hunt, that is.  Don’t ask.

A few moments into the hunt, Dimples said, “I’m still worried about the door thing.”

“Me too, ” I said grimly, wondering if Duck Tape makes duct tape the color of my car.

“What if she’s mad at me?”

“Wait a second.  You’re worried about some strange lady being mad at you for messing up her door?  What about your mom being mad at you?”

“Oh, you’re not going to hurt me or anything.”

“Let’s wait until I see my door,” I mumbled under my breath.

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  1. If you close the door real fast it makes everything okay ——doesn’t it?

  2. Kinda like the three second rule when you drop food on the floor?

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Kids…. ya gotta love em….. never a dull moment 🙂

  4. poor Dimples, I expect she was quite frightened that she had done something wrong..bless her

  5. Poor Dimples!! Its funny how when kids do things wrong
    how quickly they run to your side!!

  6. writingandrecovering

    Kids are so funny. I was always more afraid of my parents being mad at me than strangers, even though they scared me, too.

  7. “Oh, you’re not going to hurt me or anything.”

    Dimples has a lot to learn about the power of parents!

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