I Hope You Don’t Mind, But I Think You Must be Blind

My fifth grade students were discussing the question, “Which is more powerful – hope or fear?” I had found an NPR interview with a finalist in the Kids Philosophy Slam that posed this question a few years ago, and played it for the class.  I wanted them to hear the high school student explain why he thought fear was more powerful.  Apparently, when I listened to it the first time, I didn’t notice one of his statements.  Basically, he surmised that the only animals that feel hope are humans.

Now, if you have a dog or two in your family I think you will agree with me that the thought of humans having sole claim to hope is preposterous .  And, if you aren’t familiar with the canine species, I would like to submit the following photos.  You be the judge as to whether or not humans are the only animals with the capacity for hope:

Mrs. Pain in the Butt and Wonderbutt Hope that I'm not Leaving for Work

Mrs. P.I.B. and Wonderbutt Hope that I am Returning Home to Entertain Them

Wonderbutt and Mrs. P.I.B. Hope that We Will All Exit the House Together

Big Mean Kitty Hopes (Prays) He Will Not Be Decapitated Today

Sorry.  Don’t know how the Big Mean Kitty one got in there.  

Wonderbutt Hopes He Will be Accepted as a Biggest Loser Contestant

Mrs. P.I.B. Hopes Patiently for a Treat

Wonderbutt Does NOT Hope Patiently for a Treat (Hence the blurry picture!)

Wonderbutt Hopes Sticking out his Tongue and Waving His Ears Will Make Him Fly

Wonderbutt Hopes if he Smiles this will be the Last Picture


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  1. My cat Snickers hopes we leave the door open. And Merlin the cat hopes we drop a piece of that turkey.

    • Our cat used to hope for an open door, too! And when he periodically got one, he would race outside, take a look around, put his ears back, and race back inside. Our may have had hope, but I guess he kept forgetting he was scared of the outdoors!

  2. Sherman hopes we’re going for a walk. Leroy hopes someone will sit down so a lap can be created and his snuggly joy can be complete.

    I think the things that separates human hope from mammal hope are the time frame and concreteness of their desires. My beasties’ hopes are restrained to events they could imagine unfolding in the next few minutes, but I am able to think far longer into the future, like hoping my cousin several provinces over has a wonderful wedding tomorrow or that Momma doesn’t put cloves in the ham at Christmas.

    I love those photos of Wonderbutt! He is so wildly photogenic.

  3. Wonderbutt! What is the secret of your power?

  4. Right on! I love that you’ve made this point. We have a yellow lab and she hopes that one of our kids will drop food at lunch time; that I will give her a treat before I leave for work; that when I ask the boys if they want to go for a walk that she can come too and the list goes on and on…..LOVED your pictures…..your pooches are adorable:)

  5. Every time I stand up or put shoes on Bongo hopes I will take him outside. Great post. Love the pics – and the comments that go with them.

    • Thanks. Believe it or not, there was a time when Mrs. P.I.B. would go and hide when I put on my shoes. Apparently she did not like how long our walks were getting – particularly in the Texas heat.

  6. my 5 dogs are always hoping for an extra tit-bit when us humans eat our food…and they always get it

  7. Very, very good post. The pictures say it all (and your wonderful captions). There is enough hope for us all!

  8. I think I might have to report you to the Humane Society
    for going to work and leaving those sweet babies at home
    alone. What are you thinking LOL

  9. I never noticed that Wonderbutt has a martini glass on his bum. He’s my new favorite dog. My hope is that he knows to shake and not stir.

  10. Nice blog..great pics and lovely dogs

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