I Should Be Committed

Look very carefully at the above Amazon description of the Kinect Star Wars game.  I saw this last year, when I was stalking Xbox Kinect games to add to the gift that I expected to place under the tree, then almost didn’t have under the tree, then almost had too many of under the tree.

So, if you have the amazing powers of perception that all of my readers possess (I’m sorry if you had to use a magnifying glass), you may have noticed that this game is predicted to be released in December.  Of 2012.

I almost clicked on the pre-order button last November, 2010, before I realized the calendar year that was involved.  Then, I figured it had to be some sort of typo.  So, I kept checking back, periodically, to see if it had been corrected.  Well, if it is a typo, it’s been on their site for over a year.

I would like to meet the people who pre-order a game 2 YEARS IN ADVANCE!  I mean, I guess there isn’t really any sacrifice involved, but still, do you realize the kind of Commitment you are making here?

What if Wonderbutt eats your Kinect console, or your stupid HD T.V. that your husband insisted on buying you for your birthday 2 years ago even though you had never once said you wanted one, in fact declared the opposite, even when he kept saying how great they were every time you walked through Best Buy?

What if you die because you got locked in a port-a-potty for 10 days and nights and you refused to drink the skanky water, and everyone forgets to cancel your credit card, and your poor family gets a Kinect game that you ordered two years in advance in the mail, addressed to you?

What if some Idiot in Batman Underoos traveling in a pink baby walker runs over your foot and severs your nerves so you can’t play any Kinect games for the rest of your life?

O.K.  Maybe I need to put this in geek terms…

What if Luke decides to go over to the Dark Side after all because he feels so evil and guilty about all of the wet dreams he had about his own sister?  Then that Star Wars game will be just another doorstop, buddy.

Sheesh.  Don’t you People have anything better to do than stalk a game that isn’t scheduled to



for at least another-

Wait a second.

Crap.  When did I become a geek?

Shut up.


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  1. I had to check this on Amazon myself. I wonder how many people will pre order this without noticing the year? To get really geeky – what if the people working for the game developer get really tired of working on this for so long and quit their jobs? They might have to move the date to December 2015.

  2. Yes, but you could have saved 3 CENTS! (That’s the part I noticed!)

  3. I know some geks who will stay home until it arrives, staring at the post box for a whole 13 months!

  4. Whoops, I meant geeks. Don’t think geks wait at home for anything.

  5. Order now, while supplies last. Know what’s even funnier? A year from now, they’ll probably have a completely different game system out.

  6. I have an adult nephew (purportedly adult at any rate) who would order a game years in advance. And then he would talk about it every week for those couple of years too.

  7. How else will you be the coolest (middle-aged adult) kid in the neighborhood if you don’t have this game the second it comes out?!?

    Or, if the new consoles come out before that, how could you resist having a new-in-box classic, vintage game to go with your Ken and Barbie 25th Anniversary Start trek dolls?

    And now I’m sorry I gave mine away….

  8. I’m sure it’s a typo. I mean, who buys stuff 2 years in advance. The last time I bought something in advance ( about 6 months )was for a video game , a much anticipated God of War 3.

    hey, cheers !

  9. Apparently these game developers can predict the future. I’d cozy up to them!

  10. my wife makes wedding cakes. she has contracts for weddings a year and a half from now. all your questions about video games of the future also apply to that person you’re going to marry in June 2012, or am i wrong?

  11. I don’t know what I’m having for dinner tomorrow much less what I may or may want to buy in December 2012. That’s waaay to much decision making process.

  12. Hilarious! :)I can imagine the reaction to a parent telling their child that they will have to wait until December 2012 for their Christmas present!

    • I can just wrap up the Amazon.com page in a box with a bow on top to put under the tree this year. Maybe that’s what all of my presents should be – the gifts I would’ve gotten you if only they had been released this year!

  13. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    An Idiot in Underoos in a pink baby walker? What have you been drinking? That person can’t possibly be real!…….. 🙂

  14. I would totally pre-order 2 years in advance. The xbox family is an elite club that you are now a member of, so get with the programme.

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