The Code Word is “Wonderbutt”

I like patterns.  I think in analogies.  I enjoy logical reasoning.  It is comforting to me to have certain predictable norms.  Don’t misunderstand me – I love it when someone creative comes along and throws out delightfully zany ideas.  But they have to make some sort of sense.  Otherwise I waste valuable moments of rumination time trying to figure out what were they thinking.  And that takes away from my creation of my own carefully composed random thoughts.

I happened to be listening to the T.V. a few mornings ago while getting ready for work.  There was an ad for personalized Christmas stockings.  Nothing strange there. ‘Tis the Season, and all that.  When the commercial got to the end, however, and was touting the great deal it was offering, I thought I must have heard the “discount code” wrong.  You know, that word that you have to type in to the little box so they can prove to their accountants that they didn’t waste money on their advertising budget?

Like the pre-sale code we got recently in e-mail for the upcoming Kelly Clarkson concert – “independent.”  Logical.  (In case you are not a Kelly Clarkson fan – let’s face it, you just don’t want to admit it – one of her famous singles was “Miss Independent,” a song I sang on a regular basis to Dimples when she was a toddler, apparently sending the message that it was the least admirable quality a person could possibly have since Dimples now refuses to make any decisions on her own.)

Or the one for the Blue Man Group – “music.”  Again – logical.

Here’s the one to get $50 off at Ann Taylor Loft – “SHOP50”.

The one for personalized Christmas stockings was not logical.  And, moreover, it was somewhat disturbing.

But the next morning, I heard the commercial again.  I raced in front of the T.V. so I could hopefully read what they were saying on the screen.  Whew!  I was relieved to hear and read that the sale code was not what I thought I heard the previous morning – “incest”.

If you want to get a great deal on personalized stockings, go to that website address on your listed on your television screen, click on the star, and use the code word, “insect”.


I mean I know you can choose any darn code you want, but why in the heck would you want people to associate a pest that disgusts them and they spend hundreds of dollars a year exterminating with a lovely Christmas gift?

“Insect” has thrown my whole logic out the window.  If people are just going to use random code words, willy nilly, then this world really is just one big ball of chaos.

What kind of PR Department do these people have?  Is it just one guy who sits in a room, closes his eyes, opens the dictionary, and picks the first word he drools on?  Surely this was not a team of people who were consulted and all agreed upon “insect” as a word to include in the company’s Christmas advertising spot. Right?

I guess the point of advertising is to catch your attention, but does that really help when you weird out your customers?

And now I’m gonna shut up because Cute Christmas Stocking Company’s PR Department may have some odd entomological obsession, but the company’s Legal Department might just decide to wrap its six legs around me and try to suck my blood.

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  1. Miranda Gargasz

    Maybe someone was thinking about packed away Christmas stuff which led to the possibility of moths which led to insects. That or maybe they think of their accountants as lice. Or maybe, just maybe, it means nothing and just winds up being yet another hilarious post. Win-win! 😉

  2. Wonderful post – you have such a hilarious way of putting things that many of us think but could never express so eloquently and zanily – love it!

  3. Odd yes but the use of the unrelated word in the ad obviously worked because it caught your attention and you remembered it!

    I love the picture of the ant with the Santa hat!!!

  4. I wonder if you could get a picture of that ant with a Santa hat put on one of those personalized stockings.

  5. Forget about nasty creepies, but Bassas is right, it did catch your attention and you did remember it so the advert did work.

    I try to ignore adverts on TV…they are there to brainwash you in purchasing their product and I don’t do that….

  6. I think they have someone running their PR department who doesn’t have a marketing degree. An intern maybe?

  7. So this obviously bugs you.

    Yeah, I know. Sorry.

  8. Insect. Yikes. But then again, I’d have to say I’d have been seriously concerned if it was “Wonderbutt”. 🙂

  9. Very odd! Man I miss a couple of days of your blog and I miss funny little stories like this…

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