Wonderbutt Has Merch!

So, taking a cue from Reasonably Ludicrous and Live, Nerd,Repeat, I have set up a Zazzle store with Wonderbutt merchandise.  Just to see if I could figure out how to do it.  And because it’s so funny to think of Wonderbutt merchandise.  I’m still working out the kinks, but hope to offer more soon.  Click on the pic below to take you to the shirts.

This ornament won’t show in my store, yet, but it’s apparently available.

Posted on December 14, 2011, in Dogs, Humor, Wonderbutt and tagged , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. You can even get 15% off if you order today.

  2. If everyone who comments here clicks your stumbleupon button, I wonder what it would do to your stats? I may have to order one of those ornaments! Too darn cute!

  3. Must… resist… cute… dog. 🙂

  4. awww… so cute. It looks like he’s posing in the pic 😛

  5. I think you just showed me my wife’s Christmas present.

  6. writingandrecovering

    That is amazing. 🙂

  7. He He! I think the bank may front you a loan to open your store. I mean, who wouldn’t want Wonderbutt??

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