Momma Never Said I Couldn’t TYPE to Strangers

Sometimes I am so knocked over by people’s deeds that the simplest phrases can’t even escape my lips.  Like “Thank You.”

Lately, there have been a few such regrettable moments (the deeds are not regrettable – just my lack of verbal appreciation), so I would like to rectify that now by giving some people to whom I owe a bit of gratitude a mention on today’s post:

The Guy at Discount Tire – He was waiting on me, and the telephone started to ring nonstop by his elbow.  He looked at me, and nicely asked, “Do you mind if I take this call?” I dumbly nodded.  Then he answered, found out what the person wanted and politely asked them to hold while he finished with a customer.  I haven’t had that kind of service in a long time.  It almost took the sting out of the price of 4 new tires.

The Random Person Who Texted Me the Other Day – It was nice to know that you were at Sears and that you wanted me to call you as soon as possible, but it was even nicer for you to acknowledge you had texted the wrong number when I responded, “Who r u?”  I was beginning to panic that I had some weird short-term memory loss and had completely abandoned someone in the hardware section in Sears at a crucial life-changing moment.  In a way, I wish I had called you so I could find out what your Sears emergency was.

The Persons Unknown Who Keep Paying off People’s Layaway at Kmart – This does not effect me directly, but it has restored my faith in humanity.  Unless this is an elaborate stunt for some reality show.  In which case, my offer of thanks is off the table.

The Student Who Told Me I Looked Beautiful the Other Day – She’s not even in one of my classes, and I was in the middle of my week of hair experiments, on the frizziest day of the 5 so far.

99% of the People Who Comment on My Blog, Especially the People Who Keep Stumbling Upon It – I don’t know you, but you make my day.  Not that the people I know don’t also make my day.  But this post is about thanking strangers.

The People who Box up Packages for Anthropologie – I swear, even though I can’t afford to, I wish I could order something from Anthropologie once a month just because I love the boxes and the cool envelopes in which they place the receipts.

The Inventor of Spanx – Enough said.

I apologize if you are one of the strangers I should have thanked recently, and I neglected to put you on this list.  If it’s any consolation, I don’t think you care.  But consider this your very appreciative and not at all generic “Thank You” note.  You’re awesome.  Really.




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  1. I am always amazed when people actually pay attention to the customers!!

  2. It’s said that we are now amazed when people offer the kind of customer service that used to be commonplace. And, I am commenting from Facebook because WordPress will no longer allow me to comment. I am in Technology Hell right now. Grrrr.

  3. I got one of your “happenings” today, too! That was great! You’re right, though; It would be nice to thank them next time.. 🙂

  4. I am quite sure Spanx are woven by angels to make my fancy dresses fit better.

    I’m so glad you’ve been having good experiences lately. It’s wonderful when people reinforce the goodness in humanity.

  5. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for all the little (and not so little) things.

  6. Great, great list! I would like to thank the worker at Target who went out of her way to find my daughter the tiny little Christmas tree she wanted, even though the other employees thought it was sold out. And who brought me a shopping cart when she noticed my basket was full. And who helped a distraught shopper find exactly what she was looking for. Donna, I shared your wonderfulness with your manager.

  7. Thank you! (for another great post)

  8. The Kmart layaway guy might not effect you directly, but I will. I’m covering the cost of this blog post!

  9. What kind of wrong world are we living in where we can’t smile at strangers? And
    I’m glad you appreciate that type of customer service – As a pharmacist that is the service I give but often feel like people take it for
    Granted. Retailers are complaining that their sales are down because there is more Internet shopping – well we get the equivalent service with home delivery – why wouldnt we?

  10. Thank God for the Spanx Angel. You bring laughter to my days, Thank You!

  11. You are sounding more and more southern everyday. 😉 I thank you for always stopping by my blog and making me feel so good. And lawd yes, thank goodness for the inventor of SPANX Merry Christmas Dimples.

  12. I was crying when I read about the KMart layaway angel. I want to do something like that someday! I love your list!

  13. This is great – it has put me in the Christmas spirit where multiple cheesy Christmas songs have failed. Thank you.

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