This Offer is Just For You!

I am thrilled to announce that WhatIMeant2Say is now available ON DEMAND!

That’s right, folks! You can now view any of my blog posts any time you want by going to my website and clicking on the link for the post you would like to read.

I KNOW! ISN’T THIS AMAZING? My blog is SO on the cutting edge TIGHT!

And, get this. With no price increase, you can also pause in your reading at any time, and come back later to the exact place you left off! No more racing through the post so you can answer the phone or go to the bathroom. Just read it at your leisure on your own schedule.

You don’t know how fortunate you are to have all of these perks in your subscription package. I don’t provide this On Demand Service to just anyone, you know.

For example, my daughter, Dimples, cannot have her favorite dinner, PB&J with a pickle on the side, On Demand.

And, our dogs, Wonderbutt and Mrs. P.I.B. don’t get biscuits or play time On Demand. Usually.

And my husband, Cap’n Firepants, doesn’t get –

Well, never you mind what he doesn’t get On Demand. We have the Basic Cable Package, so he does just fine.

The point is, you are valued guests on the WhatIMeant2Say blog, and we try to provide you with the best service available. We like to reward loyalty.

So, hang in there. Before you know it, I’ll be announcing that this blog is now available in HD!!!!!!

Or even better, 3D!!!

Here is a sneak preview of our upcoming 3D service! The first person to comment with the correct 3D word will win a virtual Wonderbutt trophy! And, no you don't need special glasses!

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  1. ARGH! The wife beat me to the answer!!

  2. All I saw was Do. A lot of Do’s. I hate those things! 😉

  3. Woohoo!!!
    Any date for the rol lout of smell-o-vision yet?

  4. cool, wait I think the word is crewl now. anyway I likes it.

  5. When are you going to start “bundling” all your services like the cable companies do?

  6. Do I get a discount for multiple viewers in my location?

  7. The word is……..Grease!

  8. i have found that in my “later years” i can no longer do magic eye. which makes me think there must be a connection between magic eye and santa. and, awesome post. i am so excited for the 3D. will you also call your readers (incessantly at dinner time) and offer them lots of new and exciting crap – i mean cool stuff? that would be awesome. ;o)

    • Shockingly, I could not do it in my younger years, but now can do it.

      And, no, I am not one of THOSE annoying people who call all of the time. Mainly because I hate calling people. I can incessantly text like there’s no tomorrow, though.

  9. I cannot see those blasted 3-D images. Please send me the glasses. And you said this offer was just for me, but a ton of other people are posting here, too. I am confused. I thought we were exclusive.

  10. I’d expect to pay upwards of $100 for that much value. Can you really do it for your low low price? There has to be a catch…I smell a rat.

  11. Is this one of those packages where I get 3 months for free, then you start charging me $50/month thereafter?

  12. Scratchy just made me lose my place on your blog. How do I get it back???

  13. I sat with my nose to the screen but I saw the rat. I had to do this after Monica’s comment on age. I feel certain I’m quite a bit older than her.

  14. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew

    How clever and funny! Will be looking forward to what comes next in the package. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Our PR department is working on that as we speak. Soon, we will reveal our new ad campaign, which will surely knock your socks off. If you wear them. If not, it will knock your knickers off.

  15. Excellent! I love On Demand TV and now I can tune in to Wonderbutt, et. al.; anytime I feel like it!

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