‘Cause We Needed Something Else to Crawl Around Our House

We went to Barnes and Noble the other day with the purpose of buying a birthday present for a friend and allowing Dimples to burn some more gift card money.

Dimples, who is 9, decided to buy herself something she had been craving for a couple of months – a Hexbug.

The Perfect Pet - or Pest, Depending on Who You Ask

For those of you who have not been introduced to this pest toy, the Hexbug is a battery-operated creature that will run around your house, looking like a neon mutant survivor of a nuclear holocaust.

This purchase disturbed me for a few reasons.

First of all, as regular readers know, we already have tarantulas, snakes, and unidentified rodents prowling our abode.  Not to mention our two dogs and a fish.  I don’t really see why we need to introduce another living thing into the mix.

B.)  I don’t understand the appeal of a moving creature that does not respond to its name or to a remote control.  The fish also falls into this category, but at least he is pleasing to the eye.

3.)  I am really, really tempted to step on this blasted blue bug or feed it to Wonderbutt.  Which would upset Dimples.  But it might make for some good video as it crawls through the dog’s digestive tract.

The real thing that makes me sad is that Dimples got this at Barnes and Noble.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all about technology.  But it’s a little depressing to walk through a Barnes and Noble these days, and find that less than half the store is actually dedicated to selling tangible books that you can thumb through and re-shelf in the wrong place.

I remember the first Barnes and Noble in town.  It started as a place with books,  music, and a café.  Perfect.  A literary/music/coffee lover paradise.  The Cap’n and I went there on one of our first dates.

Then games started to creep in.  Some time last year, the tiny game and toy section that used to consist of a couple of bookshelves and a table became a section as large as the cafe.

Then the Nook section began to infest the place take over.  It went from a small counter somewhere in the middle of the store to a huge counter at the front of the store to what is now 1/3 of the store with a pod for people to try out the product, false walls displaying Nooks on shelves, and an actual area for “Nook Classes” smack in the middle of the store.

I have been known to read a book or two on my iPad when I am traveling.  I am not opposed to electronic books.  But I find it more than slightly ironic that virtual books are about to take up more space in the bookstore than the physical ones.

As for Hexbugs, I don’t really know what to say about that.  The good news is that Dimples only headed for that area after she bought the books she had been wanting.  So, it appears that she has her priorities somewhat straight.

At least she did until she bought the “fart” putty in the “dollar” section at Target.

Seriously, what is this world coming to?

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  1. Totally agree with you that Barnes and Noble is trying to compete with Toys ‘R Us. Geez, that whole back section is annoying! But, I have to disagree with you on hexbugs. Haha! Lance has 9 of them, one of the big ones and plenty of track. I like that they only require a battery- not food, love, or cleaning. They are the perfect bug. 🙂 However, the batteries do not last long…

  2. Hah – saw the post title and thought either you were pregnant or you caved on Dimples lizard.
    I love Barnes and Nobles,despite the fact that every time my girl and I wander in there (even if it’s just to use the bathroom), our credit card will take a hit.
    And sadly, with all the marketing and display space dedicated to the nook, i found myself slowly falling under the spell of its seductive charms.
    The hexbug though? yeah, that’s got to go.

  3. Personally I can’t get into the whole e- book thing yet. I like the feeling of the real book sitting on my chest as I fall asleep. As for the hex bug … Those things are annoying as hell.

  4. My son would so want one of those suckers if he read this post…. Like you, it would not take me long before it “accidently” ended up on the bottom of my boot….. oopsie…… 🙂

  5. At least they still
    Have a bookstore
    Barely lol

  6. Dimples is going to get really upset when Wonderbutt gets her Hexbug.

  7. I bet Wonderbutt will have way too much fun running after Hexbug…catching Hexbug…demolishing Hexbug! Go Wonderbutt go!

  8. *sigh* You haven’t lived until you’ve spent 2 hours looking for your son’s HexBug Nanos because he forgot where he put them, only to have him finally remember that he was using them as pilot and copilot in an airplane.

  9. Hexbugs and “fart” putty? Dimples sounds completely normal for a 9 year old 🙂

  10. Oh, my gosh! WE LOVE HEXBUGS! It might be fun to feed one to Wonderbutt to see if his turd runs across the lawn!

  11. Miranda Gargasz

    We have a hexbug infestation here also. We’ve graduated from those small hexbugs to the giant tarantula and larva. We’ve even got a corral for the darn things. We’re bursting at the seams……Somehow I missed that you have tarantulas there. Please tell me you are exaggerating. Tarantulas are BEYOND creepy!

  12. When I went to B&N a couple of weeks ago it seemed as if it had changed overnight. I was shocked at how much real estate was devoted to non-books. But all is not lost for the reader. At least we can read the packaging on this other stuff.

  13. My daughter loves those, too…and she is also 9! she got one in her stocking that looks like a leach. It’s SO gross. But…she’ wants to be an entymologist, so I guess there are worse things to encourage! And certainly worse toys…

  14. I’m not into ebooks. I like turning pages. That’s fun. But it is sad what is happening to B&N. I suppose it has to to stay alive in this fast changing world, but maybe the world can change a little slower?
    My brother has one of those and it drives me nuts. I’d like to step on it, too.

  15. At least the fart putty was only a dollar…yeah not really consolation. I got a Nook for Christmas and hot damn do I love that thing. Have read two books, one of which I loved, so I went back and bought the hard-copy. Hope electronic books never take over completely, love the smell, texture and comfort of a real book. But I also love to take a mini-library with me!

  16. My favorite line…”books that you can thumb through and re-shelf in the wrong place.” A B&N employee’s worst nightmare. Sorta serves them right for introducing all those toys. 😉

    I am currently unaware on the Hexbug, but I’m sure it will show up soon enough in one the Scholastic Book Club order forms and my children will beg, plead and promise the world for one!

  17. Wait! Fart Putty? And it’s only a dollar? Hmmm…

    • Yes, and Dimples was very stunned and disappointed after she bought it and I told her that she could not bring it to school. Though I am tempted to let her bring it so it isn’t around HERE anymore!

  18. I’ve never thought about how much space the electronic books take up. But …hmm…

  19. Book stores are the only place I like to shop. Every time I read about more of them closing, I shout “Nooooo” in my best slow motion voice, but does anyone listen?

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