Thank God the White House Has its Own Cook

Now that I have officially announced my Presidential Candidacy, and I have been Officially Endorsed by my friend, The Hobbler, I feel that it is my obligation to inform you that I may or may not possess all of my faculties.  The following anecdote will help you make an informed decision about my ability to perform my job – or any job, for that matter.

My husband, the long suffering Cap’n Firepants, asked the other day, “Hey, did you notice the corn in the Tupperware dish on the counter?”

“Yeah, why did you leave that on the counter?”

“I wanted to remind myself to tell you where I found it.”

This is where he found it. Note the nonperishable items that surround it. And, yes, this is another re-enactment (with the original dish of corn).

Neither one of us remembers putting the leftover corn in the pantry (otherwise known as the unrefrigerated closet that does not preserve food) with the clean Tupperware.

To his credit, he never said it was me.

But I know he thinks it.

And I think it, too.

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  1. Deny, deny, deny…and then wipe away the evidence. You really should get a public relations person for stuff like this. I’ll try to think of someone good.

    I blame the media.

  3. Hey!! Is this MY MIL???? When did you start a blog & NOT tell me. LOL (totally cracked me up)

  4. You’re lucky Wonderbutt can’t reach as high as I can. I would have taken care of that corn for you – and probably the container too.

    • I know you would have, Bongo! You would have probably balanced it precariously on the arm of a chair stacked on top of ten other chairs – like some scene from the movie Poltergeist.

  5. My husband put the ice cream away in the pantry one day – that was fun.

  6. Don’t worry. Ronald Reagan was pretty much in the same condition and he did a fine a job … ok, well maybe not … but uh … 😛

  7. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’ll never get elected. As you know politicians never make mistakes. Ever.

  8. I’ve caught myself in the act several times. It’s the “Oops, that should be door #2 syndrome”. Perishables in the pantry, freezables in the oven. I prefer to think it’s because my mind is occupied with more important matters…

  9. Maybe the stresses of running for office getting to you? Just blame Wonderbutt!

  10. You seriously MUST learn the principle of denying and then defering blame, if you want to make it in the big leagues! 😉

  11. Hysterical! I’ve been known to put “press n seal” wrap over the cat’s food dish and put it in the ref. along with 2 other little white bowls. ALL were identical, at that time. Now, the cat has her own bowl so I don’t freak out my kids again with “left overs”.

  12. I’m a big fan of pleading the 5th. Then again, as President, you could find yourself in a Corngate scandal. 🙂

  13. The Collies think it was the cats!!!! Yes, blame the Cats!!! That way you get all the collies votes!

    Your friends,
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

    • Hmm. I am sure Wonderbutt would agree with you. However, then he would have to admit that he allowed a feline into the house which, according to him, is absolutely impossible. It’s a Catch-22.

  14. Never. Take. The blame.

    That’s my motto.

    If you can’t prove I did it, I didn’t!

    Thanks for letting me know where my presidential vote should go… Or rather, where it shouldn’t. 😉

  15. i would try to come up with a plausible reason I did it. When you get my age, you become worried that people will think you are losing it so you have to have good reasons for strange actions.

  16. Aww man, I hate when I do crap like that. I always pass it off on the kids though.

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