Tell Me About it, Stud

Wonderbutt has a new “friend” who has been visiting our back yard.  Our daughter, Dimples, loves Sandy, as she has named this stray cat.  (2nd only to The Sound of Music is Dimples’ love of Annie.)  Wonderbutt’s feelings appear to be a little more acrimonious.  I am guessing this because, when he spies Sandy in the yard, he flies at the window, barks vehemently, scratches the windowsill in his frustrated attempts to catch Sandy’s attention, and looks at me with absolute astonishment that I could dare allow such a blatantly rude intruder on our property.

Love at First Sight

Sandy appears to be unmoved by Wonderbutt’s dramatics.  She/He sits in the sun, staring at the house until his/her eyes close, completely oblivious to the fact that a 65 pound bulldog has every intention of making him/her a homicide victim as soon as he figures out a way to break out of his prison.

One Cool Cat

I am not sure which of these animals is more in need of a Come-Uppance, but it is very tempting to open that window to see what would happen…

(Want to be the next winner of the “I Wonderbutt, Do You?” Award?  Be the first to comment with the correct name of the movie this post’s title came from, and which character said it!)

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  1. Your yard is so pretty! It makes me eager for the snow to melt and things to green back up here.

    You might want to get close enough to Sandy to see if she (he) has been declawed. If the kitty does have claws (as all cats should) introducing Wonderbutt on his leash might be enough for him to learn not to mess with Sandy.

    I’d hate to read a post about little bits of Sandy all over your yard, so maybe it’s best to let Wonderbutt learn not to mess with the kitty.

  2. Wow, very tempting to let him out! LOL.. oh the movie that came from was Grease… 🙂 Great post, let wonderbutt do a wonderbuttkicking on kitty!

  3. oh, the character was Sandy played by Olivia Newton John

  4. KUDOS to colliesofthemeadow! and I wonder what would’ve happened as well if you HAD opened the window… hmm.. the world may never know…

  5. No idea what movie, but it sound like Mae West.

  6. Darn, Collies beat me to the award. I cheated though and made my person Google it.

  7. Great post. I love the picture of Wonderbutt looking out of the window. It always amazes me how aloof cats can be but I am sure it would be off like a shot if Wonderbutt got out! 🙂

  8. I prefer to interpret the photos as being evidence of unrequited and forbidden love between the two.

  9. Your yard is so pretty! My dumb cat gets obsessed with the squirrels on the porch in the same way. I opened the door so the dumb cat could chase the squirrels away, but he got scared and the squirrel chased him. I was so embarrassed for him.

  10. Cats relish in the taunt.

    Thank god I didn’t misspell that.

  11. Maybe he’ll learn to leave the cat alone after their first encounter. My dog always goes crazy when she sees cats outside too. But the one time I let her out she got scared with the cat didn’t back down.

  12. Cats are just so smug.

  13. I just realized I never responded when I first read it because there was no comments and I didn’t know the answer. Haha!

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