This Kong is the King

In my continuous quest for a dog toy that will withstand the willful wrecking-ball known as Wonderbutt, one product stands out for making it at least 4 months in our household without being torn apart.

The only reason I have procrastinated my awarding of the P.A.W. to this particular item is because of Wonderbutt’s stubbornness in being filmed or photographed using the toy.  Every time I pull out a camera, he suddenly decides the toy carries the doggie plague.

I realized, though, that there are no failures in blogging – merely plenty of opportunities to make fun of yourself.  So, here is some footage of Wonderbutt NOT playing with his favorite toy – the Kong Wubba.

Unfortunately for Wonderbutt, I am much more stubborn than he is.  After stalking him for several days, I was finally able to catch him in the act of playing with the Blue Bomb.

Note the melodious squeaking that emanates from this toy.  After more than 4 months, Wonderbutt has not been able to kill the squeaker.  But, our daughter, Dimples, is ready to stab it in the heart with an ice pick.  Her vehement hatred for this object can be explained by Wonderbutt’s amazing ability to pinpoint the worst times to begin squeaking it – under her feet at the dinner table, or while she is watching a program on T.V.  It is a true testimony to Dimples’ integrity that the toy has not mysteriously disappeared.

So, the Kong Wubba is truly deserving of the P.A.W. award.  It has survived both Wonderbutt and Dimples in the Firepants household, and that is an achievement that must be noted.

Awarded to the Kong Wubba for Undeniable Durability

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  1. Gees, WB is just too cute for his own good…

  2. Give him time, he’ll end up breaking it down. hahaha…

    Savannah had one that she eventually tore through. Although it was one of the “fuzzy” ones and not the one like Wonderbutt has.

    The Kong toys are the only ones we’ve gotten that she hasn’t destroyed.

  3. I’m with Dimples. That’s a hearty squeak, for sure.

    Boomer balls are pretty much indestructible, too. They’re hard and heavy, though.

  4. Wow, I would have taken it away, i don’t care how much my pet likes it. If they decide to squeak it it’s going away.

  5. Great review! Ginger says to squeek it until you get steak wonderbutt! 🙂

    Your friend,
    Ginger the Collie

  6. Can you get furniture made out of that stuff? (without the squeaker of course…)

  7. We love the Wubba. Sherm has the same one in red. He likes to toss it by the tentacles rather than chomping it, though. He is more of a toy thrower with these kinds of things than a toy shredder. I keep the Wubba outside, though, because he chucks it hard enough that I worry he’ll break a window or the tv with it.

  8. I want one of those. I love toys that sound like that when they squeak.

  9. Oh dear, that is one obnoxious sound.

  10. Hahahahaha 🙂 You do know you can be arrested for stalking? 🙂

  11. Great Toy! I’ll have to buy some for my lot. Loved your video! 🙂

  12. Squeakers rule…keep on squeaking Wonderbutt!

  13. Wonderbutt’s expressions are priceless! Poor Dimples!

  14. I’m sad to say that my dogs tore off part of the Kong Wubba on the first day, so it isn’t indestructible. Don’t tell Wonderbutt.

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