February’s Dead Rubber Post

Here we go.  Eight days in, and I have to use my monthly “pass” already.  Newbies to whatimeant2say, the title of this post means “boring.”  I don’t know if you will find today’s post boring or not, but I have not had time to whip up anything clever, so this is going to be my shortest Dead Rubber Post ever.  Which is probably one of the weirder phrases I’ve ever typed.  As an apology, I give you this gift:  head on over to this link, if you are a book lover.  The video is 15 minutes long, but absolutely stunning and moving.  Not funny.  If you want strangely funny, try this link (probably not around the kids).

Wonderbutt and Mrs. P.I.B. Inspect Dimples' Skateboard


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  1. It is so hard to come up with something everyday but we think you did a fabulous job on this one. 🙂 Loved the links. 🙂 We wanted to say thank you for your kind words for Trevor… 🙂 We deeply appreciate it.

    Big Collie Hugs!
    The Collies, Trevor and chuck 🙂

    • I feel like Trevor is a member of my family, my heart aches so much for him. I think that’s a tribute to how well you write about your feelings for him and all of the collies.

      • Thank you!
        A update on him will come soon! Your kind words made my day!
        We love your blog and cant wait to read more adventures of the Firepants family and Wonderbutt and PIBS!

        Your friends,
        The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  2. This is a great photo of the dogs. You always come up with something funny – even in your Dead Rubber Posts.

  3. There is no such thing as a Dead Rubber Post on your wonderful blog! I love the picture.

  4. we do not often see pictures of Mrs PIB so this is a bonus….not a dead rubber post at all.. I agree with Blassas.

    also we all have days when thoughts and thinks are not forth coming..blank mind..nothing to write so it is ok ..just a picture of your two beauties is enough

  5. Even when you “have nothing to say” you have lots to say and we love it any way!

  6. omg. dying. and crying. i will NEVER say party pooper again without thinking of this crazy guy. thank you. best link up today.

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