Rich is my New Best Friend

I played a mean trick the other day by inflicting upon you a rather evil vanity license plate to decode.

Amazingly, someone actually figured out my little cipher.  Rich Crete posted the following comment:

1 = Won

Lac is the Egyptian word for “The” which as we know in German is Der

Ros is Latin for ass or in polite society…Butt

The answer was “Wonderbutt”.  Wonderbutt is pretty much this blog’s mascot, so I thought it was appropriate. What is truly amazing, though, was that Rich translated it using completely different languages than I did.    And I’m not even sure his translations are real.  My translation worked this way:


La= the French word for “der” (according to Google Translate)

Crosse= the French word for “butt”

I giggle at the irony when I first typed in the “Wonder” part into Google Translate and hit the Spanish button.  The result was “preguntarse”.   As soon as I saw the last syllable, I thought that was pretty appropriate.

Anway, congrats to Rich on his new award, the “I Wonderbutt, Do You?” trophy.  As a condition of accepting this award, you must know that you are committing to responding to my e-mails of license plate photos from now until the end of eternity.

Now, I am a teacher.  Teachers like to recognize superior effort as well as talent, so I feel that I must also point out the stunningly wrong but cunningly long comment by John as he attempted to think himself out loud to the solution.

So, I am going to present him with the equally prestigious “Do You Wonderbutt?  I Do” trophy.

While I am talking about awards, I must thank butenuffaboutme for offering me a Versatile Blogger Award.  What the heck.  Let’s throw in something for butenffuaboutme, too.

O.K.  My job is done.

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  1. Too clever for me, girl!

  2. That is some amazing detective work!

  3. Great job Rich!!! 🙂 What amazes me however is you thinking that up! Bet you keep those students on their toes… 🙂 The only thing better than the Wonderbutt Award is having two. Thats our next goal… hehehe

    Your Wonderbutt friends,
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  4. Brilliance! Way to go, Rich!

  5. I dare you to get that license plate and then have to explain it to everyone who asks. I double-dog dare you.

  6. Well done, both the design of the riddle and the deconstruction.
    You have some very clever readers.
    And a very clever writer.

  7. I would have never figured this out, but what else could it have been.

  8. You are so smart and so is Rich! I loved John’s thought process – very funny 🙂

  9. Now there’s a trophy to treasure!

    And Duh! Of course it was Wonderbutt.

  10. The greatest award in the history of blogging! (well, I’ll call it a tie with the one John got) Thank you. I love the whole Firepants gang.

  11. Brilliance, pure brilliance.

  12. I was wondering if you might help me out…El Guapo and Edward Hotspur gave me quite a bad time the other day, and I thought it might be fun if some of us bloggers who frequently see their sites would mention “conspiracy” or some form of the word in any comment we make on their blog tomorrow. The idea is to get them thinking that it is weird that so many people are talking about conspiracies…but we should still be subtle enough that they won’t figure out there really is a conspiracy to quickly.

    • I will try. That sounds like fun! I am about three posts behind on everyone, though, so I hope I don’t forget. If I do, you can drink the Mountain Dew with my blessings!

      • Im a little freaked out because EG “liked one of the posts I put that request on but hopefully he liked it before I commented that “please help conspiracy” thing. I hope he still doesnt know, wel’ll try it out.

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