I Have a Sirius Problem

After 11 years of marriage, Cap’n Firepants has gotten pretty good at taking hints, and I’ve gotten better at giving them.  Okay, threatening words written in red lipstick on the bathroom mirror might not exactly fall into the precise definition of hinting as most people see it.  But I think that there are different levels for men and for women.

Anyway, the biggest test of communication between lovers is Valentine’s Day.  It’s like the Hinting Final Exam.  For the last couple of years, the Cap’n has passed it with flying colors.  He knows that even though I agree with him that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark Created Holiday, I still expect some kind of Romantic Gesture.  Let’s face it, if men don’t have Romantic Gesture deadlines, Romantic Gestures would become extinct.

The Cap’n also knows that I am only big on getting flowers on un-holidays.  When he brings them home for my birthday or Valentine’s Day, I consider it an I Couldn’t Think of Anything Else cop-out.

This year, the Cap’n gave me my gift the night before Valentine’s Day.  To prove, I am guessing, that he did not wait until the last minute.

And it was a gift about which I had fiercely hinted.  Although, if you asked him, he would probably tell you he thought of it all on his own.

photo credit: grilled cheese via photopin cc

So, my gift is a Sirius Satellite Dock & Play for my car.

I know.  You are thinking that is so not romantic. But the Cap’n knows, from years of experience, that the way to my heart is either a bulldog puppy or electronics.  And he has no intention of ever going the bulldog route again, as he likes to inform me on a regular basis.

So, I was thrilled with the Sirius because I’ve been a tad jealous of his new car with seat warmers, Bluetooth, GPS, and satellite radio.  And the more I ride in his car commercial-free, the more I hate my stereo and my 6 CD-changer that plays the same dang songs over and over again because I keep forgetting to switch out the 5 CD’s I put in there two years ago.

We just paid off my car, and I don’t want a new one.  So, this was the perfect solution, as I have been stating loud and clear for about six months.


When I pulled it out of the box and saw the packet of instructions for installing it, my zeal for the gift quickly disappeared.

“Did you know you have to put an antenna on the roof, and route the wire through the weatherstripping, under the carpet, and back to the radio? And it’s best to plug it in to my auxiliary input, which is in the glove box?” (Don’t ask me why Toyota put the aux input in the glove box.  This is why I don’t play my iPod in the car, either.)

“We can get someone to install it,” the Cap’n said in a reasonable tone.

“But it’s still not going to be permanent.  There’s going to be wires everywhere.  Besides someone is going to steal it.”

Keep in mind.  He got me exactly what I wanted.  And suddenly I don’t want it anymore.  Apparently, hinting that I don’t want something is easier than the other way around.

“We can take it back,” he said.  I’m pretty sure whathemeant2say is, “You are impossible to please.”

How much do you think it would cost to get a butt-warmer in the seats instead?

(BTW, notquiteold has a very funny post on men who don’t take hints that I highly recommend!)


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  1. El Guapo is not going to insert himself into what is a marital squabble in which what(a certain blogger)meant2say will squash her husband into submission.
    Rather, the purpose of the commenter in this comment is merely to say that he knows most of the words to the Rhyming Song, and thinks the blogger should add that CD to the final open slot in her changer.

  2. I like my butt warmer more than satellite radio… and you can keep your pizza hot with the seat heater – try that with sirius!
    P.S. – THANKS for the link!

  3. Oh that is really rather sad.!

    You have waited all this time for your ‘gadget of a lifetime’ only to be so disappointed…. is there no way that it can be fitted in without all the wires and maybe concealed from burglar eyes.

    For the dear old Cap. He did his best and gave you what he always knew you wanted , and now it is no longer what you want.

    Might one suggest that if you want a seat warmer..fill a hot water bottle and sit on that… at least it won’t cost a bomb..it may explode though!

  4. Hey, it gives you the ability to listen to the Muppets warbling “The Rhyming Song.” What more could a person want or need? I can’t believe you’d even consider returning it! Some people….

  5. I don’t mean to laugh but you did get what you wanted. It reminds me of the movie Bedazzled when everything that Brendan Fraser wishes for never happens in the way that he expects 🙂

  6. Why do all the cool things have to be so dang complicated? That’s just not fair.

  7. Uh oh, poor guy. Was this pre or post diet coke removal from your life???

  8. Was the song on the one on the picture the reason you wanted it – or didn’t want it?

  9. haha! My husband starts hyperventilating if I haven’t told him what I want for my birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s Day yet.

    The Sirius sounds cool! Sorry about your giftee remorse.

  10. Installation aside, I have to say that’s a pretty awesome Valentine’s Day gift! If it makes you feel any better, darling BF got a me drain strainer (a very grand and romantic gesture, yes?) because he was tired of having my long curly locks degenerating into clogged drains. Apparently this should please me because it will help him not be irritated at me…

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