There’s No Goin’ Back

I am trying to find a new doctor.  In the course of all of this, I had to have my records released from the office of the former doctor.  In a surprising turn of events, the former doctor’s office received my form on the 20th and, one week later, still had not sent them to the new doctor.  I called the new doctor to find out what the holdup was.  When I asked them if there was something else I needed to do, they said, “Call the other office, and ask them to send the records.”

I gulped.

I was hoping to avoid talking to anyone in the former office.  First, because I am a wimp who hates confrontation.  And secondly… well, the first pretty much covers it.

So, I called the office of the doctor who I was spurning.

The records lady was very pleasant, asked me who I was, date of birth, etc…  Finally, she said she would send it right over.  I decided not to ask why she hadn’t already done this.  I mean, if all she needed was a voice on the phone (who could have been an imperfect stranger asking for my colonoscopy records to be transferred), then what was the point of the release?  And, if the release was necessary for legal reasons, then why did she need my voice?

But, I didn’t say any of that. It’s just whatimeant2say.

Before I hung up, she said, “You do realize, don’t you, that once I transfer these records, it would be very difficult for you to come back here again?”

I am, according to my mother, descended from a mafioso, so I know a threat when I hear it.

“Uh, okay,” I said, and hung up.

whatimeant2say was, “You do realize, don’t you, that there is a reason that I requested those records to be transferred, and it’s not because I want to have two friggin’ doctors on my payroll?  You do realize, don’t you, that this is a direct reflection of the kind of treatment I feel I received at your facility?  You do realize, don’t you, that I can do a mean Tae Bo roundhouse kick (as long as it is in front of a t.v. in my bedroom, and there is no one else around)?”

This next doctor better be good, that’s allihave2say.

I tried to find a funnier picture, but this is all I got.

photo credit: jaxxon via photopin cc


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  1. Make sure the new doctor knows how good your kick is.

  2. Good for you! I can so identify with everything you say here.

  3. I’ve never had to change doctors myself but I’m not looking forward to it. I’m terrible with confrontation, as well. I avoid a lot of human contact that could end negatively.

  4. Changing doctors is a monster pain in the ass. Feel for ya. Hoping your new doctor appreciates your “in front of the TV when no one is looking” roundhouse kick, too!

  5. I’m feeling your pain…doctors, dentists…change is good but difficult.

  6. Dont be surprised if your records arent there in a week. You might have to be like Elaine from Seinfeld and steal your chart. Lol

  7. Ug…the records transferring. I am glad you found the courage to make the call, and I hope that your new Dr. Is great.

  8. I haven’t had to switch doctors (or hair dressers, though that would be worse, i think. He’s been cutting my hair since i was 6), so I’m good so far. I would feel super awkward, though, having to do so. “Um, so, I wanted to talk to you about something… You and me, we’re just… we’re just not… working? it’s not you, it’s me. Please don’t hate me but i’ve found a new doctor/dentist/hair dresser/anything.”
    You should totall have just yelled “HAY YA!!!” in the phone before hanging up 😛 take that snooty-reception-lady.

  9. I know what you mean. I have avoided changing hairdressers for, well, let’s just say a very long time, because I’m afraid of the very same thing. Total wimp.

    • I actually tried the hairdresser change many moons ago when I just felt like a change, and ended up returning to my old one. It was kind of good to learn that he is way, way better than the alternatives!

  10. My doctor has started transferring patient records to the cloud. So you may see bits of confetti during your next storm.

  11. I got a new doctor and I didn’t even have to change where I go. She gave me lots of loves. I hope your new doctor treats you well.

  12. Great post. I hate confrontation too. I’d would have just never had my records sent over. Good for you for calling.

  13. I have been avoiding the exact same confrontation. My gynecologist retired, and I hate his replacement. I need to get my records out of her incompetent clutches and find someone new….but I don’t know how to do either.

  14. This same thing happen to me with a cardiologist a few years ago I was seeing about my heart murmur. They were terrible, I was triying to switch and it was one nightmare excuse after the other. It was a tiny office, too. Oh, and I was pregnant with lainey and my doc needed those records to see to what degree it was. Anyway, I ended up having to physically pick them up- it was so awkward. Ugh. I hate that, and I hate confrontation, too!!

  15. Good luck with your new doc!

    I have to change health plans when I move this summer. I am so looking forward to getting my new doctors up to speed …

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