I’m Number One!

Sometimes, the toilet paper can be over and under at the same time. I'm just sayin'." photo credit: joanna8555 via photopin cc

So, J-Wo tagged me in one of those answer-these-ridiculous-questions posts, and I am slightly miffed.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the attention.  And I love, love, that he gave me a pass on following the rules for this particular game of Tag.  And I love, love, love even more that my name was #1 on his list of Tag-alongs.  But there is one thing missing from this whole scene.  An award to add to my Award Shelf!  What’s the deal?  Now we’re giving each other assignments that have no accompanying awards?!!!  I doth protest!

However, I love J-Wo (so much that I’ve linked to him twice in this post!).  And I think he’s responsible for any Stumble Upon spike in hits I have ever received.  And, he made me #1.  So, just this once, I am going to participate with no reward.  This shall be my Random Act of Kindness for the Year.  But, of course, I am putting my own spin on things.

There are 10 questions.  I’m only answering 5.  And, because I don’t want you just skimming through my post and yawning, this is going to be a little interactive.  I’m not going to tell you which answers go with which questions.  You get to pick.  (See how I made that sound like a privilege?  That’s the teacher in me.  Works with my 7 year olds.  The 11 year olds – not so much.  You can pick the age group with which you most identify.  See, I did it again. )

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  1. Between photo and caption I am completely out of oxygen laughing. Thanks for the early demise.

  2. Aren’t you the sneak?

  3. I love it… And I thought the same thing about not getting an actual award.

    I told Tammy to fill out the answers.

    Who knows if she will or not. hahaha…

  4. You could give yourself the Wonderbutt Award.

  5. Very entertaining and funny – I expect nothing less from your wonderful posts 🙂 It’s good to get your Random Act of Kindness for the Year out of the way so early – it takes the pressure off 🙂

  6. How very clever of you! I enjoy these tag things and awards and stuff – you get a different view of people with all the questions and fun facts. after a whlle you can recite the riules by heart and I do understand there has to be some standard,..or something but I like when people put their own twist on it,,,,this was really cool.

    And I am now wondering – I put up a challenge earlier this week and because it was spur of the moment I hadn’t really thought what to do with the entries,,,and said I would figure it out at the end of the challenge based on how many participants and other reasons – it did not occur to me that stating up front – here;s what you can win,,,, would motivate people to actually participate – it was the most popular most clicked on post so lots of people saw it – and I had 3 entries… great ones too…and not an overly difficult or time consuming challenge… now I am thinking…hmmmmmm so question to you is – if there was a prize involved would you participate? or be more inclined to – redundant i know because I just read it but… Do you really think more would… or is it tongue in cheek? I try to contribute but going back as far as third grade when I won the good citizen award hands down,,,I mean Hands DOWN,,,and when they announced the winner it was some goober who was ,,,,,sorry not important,,but it kinda scarred me for life and to avoid being bitter,,,, I just figure i wont win anyways ,,,so it doesn’t bother me if there isn;t a prize….but not everybody got denied good citizen in 3rd grade and watched the well deserved honor with accompanying certificate of frame worthy quality (and a pencil – you’re a teacher – you know what I am talking about? ) go to a jerkity jerk jerk that stole kids milk money was mean to fat girls,,,,,

    Sorry to take over your comment box – but you could look at it like this – YOU WIN!! I don;t brain dump all over just anybody;s comment box… 🙂

    p.s. and I didn’t mention any weird ass vegetables or fruits either…I berryly contained myself and I spell checked cause you being a teacher and all…….yup definitely a winner in my book 🙂

    how bout that for a contest? AND a prize to show off to your friends? who can entice Lizzie to leave a stream of consciousness in the comment box. deliberately (as opposed to …..um…yea… )

  7. I feel SO privileged, thank you!! You’re the best teacher ever.

  8. Great acceptance.
    And I picked Tattoo for all answers but one.

    Because that’s how I bet your roll.

  9. That picture is priceless…… the man next to her when he realizes what is up will be even more priceless… If she could see our collies yukking it up that would be even more priceless yet! Now, I have got this idea of “planting tp” on my wife like that… wonder if she would be humored? Wonder if I would survive? hmmmm Does Wonderbutt ever play with the TP? Collies love unrolling the roll while running through the house with the loose end in their mouth! LOL…..

    As always, great post!

    Your friends,
    The Collies 🙂

    • Amazingly, Wonderbutt has not tried that trick yet. He is more fascinated with the mats in the bathroom, and dragging them all over the house. I’d kind of like to see him do the TP thing, but I probably shouldn’t get him started on that!

  10. Думаю, тема того стоит, чтобы занести ее в закладки.

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