I am Not Ignoring You

Dimples and I are off on a great girl adventure to visit our cousins, the Globetrotters, leaving Cap’n Firepants to deal with the noise, dust, and contractors who are working on our new concrete floor.  Although I will have my iPad, my favorite piece of technology ever, my WordPress app is a little persnickety.  So, I am leaving you with some short posts I scheduled to roll out each day to tide you over until we return.

For those of you who questioned our wall demolition on Saturday’s post, here are some pictures to show the progress.  At least, we call it progress.  You might call it a travesty.  But, trust me – that wall had to go.

Original wall - made of cedar. Very 70's. Always getting in the way.

Halfway through the demolition.

Done. Now the floor crews can take care of that section, and we don't have to worry about it later. And, it made it much easier to carry our furniture out the front door!


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  1. have fun and come home soon

  2. Enjoy your great girl adventure and try not to think about what is happening at home 🙂

  3. Enjoy your trip! We look forward to your return…

  4. Love it!! I didnt know that could come down. U should have held a steak on the otherside and let the dogs do it. R the dogs going to the globetrotters?

  5. Enjoy your time off! I’m unplugging next week.

  6. I would love to go somewhere and leave the mess & dust behind!! Enjoy 😉

  7. Have fun! yeah, that wall needed to go.

  8. Love it. I’m all about knocking walls down and opening up the floorplan. Plus, demolition is therapeutic!

  9. have fun! and that octagon (apparently i was having a “moment” when i called an octagon a PENTAGON in an earlier comment – am i smarter than a first grader???) wall had to go. wowza. that was crazy. i can just see that huge fish going through it.

  10. That wall was hideous.

    • I’m glad you agree. I think I would have started crying if a bunch of people had commented the opposite!

      • When I first saw the picture, I misunderstood and thought you were showing us your new wall. And I thought, “Wow! These people have really bad taste! Why would anyone in their right mind put up something so ghastly?!”

        I was glad to realize that was the old wall.

  11. Enjoy your trip.
    When did Wonderbutt get the title “Contractor” for his demolition work?

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