Happy Birthday, Crash!

Today is my dear sister’s birthday.  She is probably hoping, as she does every year for the last decade, that I will be surprising her in North Carolina.  Unfortunately, I can’t do that again until she stops expecting it.  Do you hear that, Crash?!!!!  Anyway, I just want to say Happy Birthday to my crazy sis.  Sorry I can’t be there.  But here is the next best thing.

Crash is the cute one on the left. I am the one holding the, uh, what the heck is that thing, anyway?


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  1. Happy Birthday to your sister Crash!!! I am afraid to ask why you call her crash….. 🙂 What a couple of cuties!

    Your friends,
    The Colles and Chuck 🙂

  2. It is a Kaleidoscope – I used to have one 🙂

  3. Happy birthday to your sister!
    I’ve picked up the nickname of Crash as well, though I’d prefer not to get into the reasons…

  4. This is the next BEST thing? Really? 🙂

  5. Awww.
    You should surprise her with a visit in the middle of the year! That’ll show her!


    And (as stated above), nice kaleidoscope!

  6. Happy Birthday Crash. Why is she called “Crash”.
    You should surprise her for your birthday.

  7. It’s my mom’s birthday too! Happy birthday to your sister. Also… I’m thinking of drinking a pepsi…I’ve been up since 1:30. What do you think. 😉

  8. Awe that is so sweet im crying

  9. I think the thing you are holding is used to blow up balloons. I love the picture!

  10. Happy Birthday, Crash! You guys were so cute!!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday to Crash! Love the photo!

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