We’re Back

I know that is not a very creative title.  And, if you are new to this blog – perhaps just cruising the WordPress tags – then you never knew we were gone.  But there it is, and here we are.  And here you are reading where we are.  At home.  At least, we are at home.  I have no idea where you are.  You could be in the bathroom at the mall for all I know.  And it’s okay with me if you don’t choose to share that information.

I am a little light-headed, so this post is going to be somewhat free-wheeling.  Our floors are being turned into masterpieces, and part of the process is a sealant that is quite potent-smelling.  I am probably losing thousands of brain cells as I type this.  I can’t really say that I dislike the feeling.  It makes up for the margaritas I’ve been resisting so far on my Spring Break.

My daughter, Dimples, and I went to visit our relatives, The Globetrotters, on Monday to avoid the beginning of the whole floor transformation, which involved grinding and other mystical, alchemical procedures – as well as loss of the use of half of our house.  It is quite a switch for the humans in our family to have a Forbidden Section we may not enter in our own house.  Now we know how the dogs feel.

Dimples and I had a glorious time at the Globetrotters’, which I will detail in later posts.  But we ran out of clean clothes – and did not want the Globetrotters to run out of patience with us – so we made our leave.  We returned to a floor Mostly Done.  And it is such an amazing difference that I am afraid regular readers of this blog will suspect I am playing a practical joke when I post the new pictures.

The floor still needs a couple of days to dry, so Wonderbutt and Mrs. P.I.B., our irrepressible canine companions, must continue to board until Saturday.  We broke them out of jail for a couple of hours today because Dimples and I missed them so much.  We took them to the dog park, and then to our own back yard, hoping to wear them out so much that they won’t notice when we abandon them for 48 more hours.

If I don’t succumb to the fumes, I will hopefully have more to report tomorrow.  In the meantime, someone please identify this fish that showed an inordinate interest in Dimples at The Aquarium Restaurant in Kemah last night.

To me, he seems like an ichthyic version of Wonderbutt. I wonder if he eats bracelets, carpet, and spectacles as well.

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  1. I have no idea what type of fish that is, but he does kind of look like Wonderbutt…weird. I’m glad you made it back, but sorry your floors aren’t done yet. Maybe you could sleep with a gas mask on. I’m sure you have a few laying around just in case Woderbutt lets one rip. 😉

  2. The fumes are making you funnier than your already funny self!

  3. We laughed hard at the brain cells comment.. hehehe Its great you took Wonderbutt and Mrs. PIBS out for a walk… 🙂 Cant wait to see the improvements made to your home! As for the fish… just look in the bottom of the tank to see what it eats.. hehehehe

    Your friends,
    The collies and chuck 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to see pictures!

  5. Thanks for sharing a very funny update 🙂 Good to hear that you busted Wonderbutt and Mrs. P.I.B. out of jail for a while – I expect they miss you much. I have no idea what type of fish it is but I like the way it has learned to wave at people 🙂

  6. Fishy looks like a type of Grouper – I bet that in the wild, they eat plenty of lost sunglasses!

  7. I LOVE the Wonderbutt Fish! Welcome home 😉

  8. I still waiting for my postcard from when you were gone.

  9. I can’t wait to see the pictures. That’s exciting.

    That is a creepy looking fish. I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure my cat would eat it.

  10. You’ve been very missed! And yay for remodels. I bet you’ll be excited once the chemical high has worn off. 😉

    That fish looks like it wants to eat bracelets, carpets, and probably anything else that it could shovel down its gullet, just like Wonderbutt.

  11. EGAD!!! Please tell me you took a picture of the fish from far away with a great telephoto lens.
    Seriously, that thing looks dangerous!

  12. At least the fish’s poo would be easier to clean 🙂

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