First Step – Admit Your Dog Has a Problem

A couple of months ago, our bulldog, affectionately nicknamed Wonderbutt, (but often called Pudgy Butt by my husband), was declared to be obese by his vet. I was certain he – the dog- would be a good candidate for The Biggest Loser.  However, it appears they have a silly requirement that participants be human.  Considering the stellar quality of reality show competitors in recent years, I would think adding canines to the roster would be a step up.  Guess that’s why I don’t make the big bucks.

As I was hunting for information on Wonderbutt’s latest dog food, however, I found that The Biggest Loser does have some interest in chubby pets.  The show is coordinating with the makers of Science Diet to offer a site with tools for learning how to slim down your pet – as well as a sweepstakes prize package that includes a trip to the finale of The Biggest Loser.

It’s too bad I don’t have any desire to actually attend the finale of The Biggest Loser.  Money – or new sofas that haven’t been chewed up by Wonderbutt – would be a much bigger incentive.

But I still thought it was helpful to take a look at the site.  I was gratified to see that my hometown, San Antonio, TX, is not on the list of the top 17 Chubbiest Pet Cities. (Although, if you note the path at the top of the picture, these can also be referred to as “Cubby Pet Cities”.)

Houston is on the list, so I probably should warn our cousins, the Globetrotters, to be mindful of what they are feeding Monte and Lola.

Getting a recommendation to confer with my vet was a bit redundant.  That’s kind of how I got here in the first place.

The exercise tips were interesting.  I think the Dog Squat Tease might be fun to do, except that Wonderbutt has a tendency to fall flat on his back when we try this game – which might be painful for him on our concrete floors.  And then I would have an Upward Facing Dog who would have a very reproachful look on his face.

Speaking of which, Doga is an option I found on the internet that seems to be catching on, but I think Wonderbutt is relaxed enough already.

It seems to me that the most obvious weight loss solution warranted for our dog is to try to find an obese cat exercise partner and let nature take its course.

Or, perhaps he should just stop eating our dang sofa.  I’m pretty sure at least 11 of his overweight pounds is the cushion foam he ingested.  I would send him to a therapist, but he would just eat the couch.


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  1. I too have a chubby dog. He has been good about leaving the furniture alone, but I can’t leave my dumdum suckers out…

  2. I prefer to use the fact that Savannah is in Chicagoland as the reason she was overweight instead of me feeding her TWICE as much as I should have.

    Maybe you could try this exercise regiment with Wonderbutt.

  3. I think Wonderbutt is perfect the way he is! More of him to love is all.

  4. I don’t think Wonderbutt has any problems at all.
    Well, he may have a problem with the inedible new floor, but other than that…

  5. LOL!!! Wonderbutt is a dynamic guy and once all those cushions pass through he will be trim and slim…. Ginger thinks you should send him to the therapist for once he eats his couch the therapist will need therapy… LOL….

    God BLess You!
    The collies and chuck 🙂

  6. Sorry to hear that Wonderbutt is morphing into Chubbybutt! I think your remarks about him eating sofa foam might be a clue for how to help him – remove all foam from your sofa and re-fill with a low calorie substitute! 🙂

  7. He’s not chubby – he is fluffy 🙂

  8. Why am I not surprised someone did a study of the Chubbiest Pet Cities?

  9. I’m sure the sofa is full of carbs that he shouldn’t be eating. Having an inedible floor might actually help him.

  10. i agree the biggest loser incentive is no good. who wants to go to the finale? dumb. i think the future lies in getting wonderbutt on commercials. THEN you will make lots and lots of money (as his owner) and you will be able to replace couch, etc., etc. HE will lose the weight due to his work schedule and possibly because he could do a spin-off of the linked commercial (he is WAY cuter than the dog that stars in this one). win/win? i think so.

  11. Wonderbutt good luck losing some pounds. We think you look good the way you are. Hopefully your food won’t taste like cardboard. Although maybe you like cardboard?
    Bella and DiDi

  12. All that couch foam could take a while to break down in his digestive system so maybe you can just attribute the pudginess to that….
    This one had me stifling some laughter and not being able to breath – thanks for making my day! 🙂

  13. I have a chubby cat. I have 3 normal sized, but our baby (aged two) is unfortunately – a porker. She doesn’t eat the sofa though, so I’m not sure what has happened. She was raised by 10 yr old Stewart – who thought he was her mother. I think he spoiled her.

  14. My mom lives in Houston and her dog is overweight so I guess the stats are right. Mom shows her love with food and she loves that dog like she was her child.

  15. I think you should get Wonderbutt his own doggie treadmill…I tried to talk HER into one for me, but when SHE looked at the price tag SHE declared that we would walk together every day! Exercise Wonderbutt…exercise!

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