What the Flip?

So, in my spare time, I like to cruise the CNN site for blog ideas.  Yesterday, I noticed an article on dog flipping.

Yes, you heard me right.

My first thought is a bit embarrassing.  When I was a kid, I so desperately wanted to be a teacher, I had a school for my stuffed animals.  Their report card included P.E.  To determine their grades, I would take each stuffed animal and flip it in the air. If I caught it, the “student” aced P.E.  If I dropped it, the poor animal failed.  I was ruthless (much the same as my own P.E. teacher at the time; you can probably do a complete psychological study on me using this one childhood story.)  One of these stuffed dogs was the bulldog from whom Wonderbutt got his real name (which is not “Wonderbutt”, as endearing as that is).  Wonderbutt’s namesake always got straight A’s.  Unlike Wonderbutt.

Of course, when I clicked on the link, it was immediately apparent that my dog flipping concept vastly differed from the type of dog flipping worthy of a headline on CNN.

Apparently, there are some not so heroic people out there, who will “adopt dogs”, and then sell them for more, making a profit off the dog.  This isn’t illegal, exactly, but can be devastating to the first owners who might have had legitimate reasons for giving their dog away and really hunted for someone who they thought would provide a good forever home for their dog.

I was really bummed when I read this.  Sad for the dogs.  And ashamed of myself for thinking CNN might actually post a story about stuffed animals that do gymnastics.

The obvious comparison to the CNN story is to house “flippers”, which made me wonder if this might be a possible idea for some Cesar Milan-ish person wanting to salvage “bad” dogs.  What if there were some heroes out there that would take in dogs that seemed hopeless, rehabilitate them, and then adopt them out to new, DESERVING, families?  Do I sniff a new reality show idea?

And, no, I am not considering giving them Wonderbutt.

Or you could just have a flip-flopping dog. Wonder if he's a Democrat or a Republican? photo credit: TimmyGUNZ via photopin cc

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  1. Poor dogs… That said, I am shocked and appalled that Wonderbutt is not his real name. What am I supposed to tell my 2nd grader now?

    Just teasing you. It is sad about the dogs though. The story would have been better if they were flipped your way. Well, maybe not with real dogs.

  2. Hi!
    We hate it when we hear about ppl doing this. Some ppl will do anything for money. This is a nightmare scenario for those who breed dogs and work their tails off finding them forever homes. That is why some breeders are so strict in who they let buy their puppies. If they truly care they do not want this happening to that lil baby they spent several months caring for….

    This is a great heads up article….

    God Bless You!
    Your friends,
    the collies and chuck 🙂

  3. That is so sad, and how confusing is that for the dog? “Wait, I belonged to this person that I really loved cause they gave me food and took me on walks, then I belonged to the other person that gave me food and took me on walks, and now I belong to this person that gives me food and takes me on walks? What is going on here?”

  4. I can’t believe that there are actual, real-live people in the world doing this. I know, I know – call me naive, but seriously???

  5. I saw this on Lolcats today and thought you might appreciate the idea for Wonderbutt: http://dogs.icanhascheezburger.com/2012/03/26/funny-dog-pictures-bulldog-orbit/

    Although it seems great in theory, I have a gut feeling it may not go so smoothly with Mr. Butt…

  6. SHE couldn’t believe this when SHE read it…how could anyone ever do that…take a dog in with the expectation of “flipping” it for money. BTW…we love Wonderbutt’s photo with the Florida State Shoe! BAYL…

  7. I’ve never heard of dog flipping before. Like you, my first thought was somersaulting canines which might be fun. I was dismayed when I read further and found out what it really meant 😦

  8. We like your version of a dog flip better. We are not commodities. Say hi to Wonderbutt for us.
    Bella and DiDi

  9. i like your version better, too. much funnier. and, isn’t that how P.E. grades are currently determined? ;o)

  10. Miranda Gargasz

    I truly was worried there were people out there really tossing dogs in the air! Not that the alternative and true story is any less terrible. Poor puppies.

  11. Love your political aside. 🙂 It is a sad concept, the dog flipping…but your childhood story was perfect!

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