You Can’t Find this Stuff at Macy’s

Although Fredericksburg may not compare to Rodeo Drive in California, it is known for being a Texas Hill Country shopping mecca.  After heartily imbibing Grape Creek wine on Saturday, we returned to downtown to be certain we did not miss out on any one-of-a-kind-items-that-must-be-had-at-any-price.

I think Cap’n Firepants and Mr. Globetrotter made it one block before they ditched Mrs. Globetrotter and I for another round at Fredericksburg Brewing Company.

What do they sell in Fredericksburg?  These signs will give you an idea.

It seems that after "Couture", the sign maker realized that he was being too specific, and decided just to close up his summary with "Everything."

It seems that after "Couture", the sign maker realized that he was being too specific, and decided just to close up his summary of available items with "Everything."

One place Mrs. Globetrotter and I had to investigate was Dogologie, which, I suppose, fits into the “Everything” category -although it does sell canine couture.  That’s where we met the cute pup I featured in Sunday’s post.  You can probably guess from the name of the store what type of products are sold there.  I was actually shopping for a gift for Mrs. P.I.B. (who turned 11 on April 1st) that would be Wonderbutt-proof.  I am hoping it will be another candidate for a P.A.W. Award from Wonderbutt.

Cute pup from Sunday's post. Or a short-nosed, long legged rat. You decide.

It turns out that Dogologie is not the only animal-friendly store in Fredericksburg.  Several stores have resident canines.

This beauty was NOT excited about having her picture taken.

One even had some newborn kittens.

Potential Parenting Problem Miraculously Avoided by Absence of Feline-Addicted Firepants Family Member

Our animal encounters were the only part of our weekend get-away that Dimples was sorry she missed (other than seeing our Globetrotter cousins).  The Cap’n and I were thankful that Dimples was not present during the kitten sighting.  That could have resulted in a major schism in the Firepants family from which we, and the town of Fredericksburg, might not have been able to recover…


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  1. I think you’re luckier that Wonderbutt wasn’t than that Dimples wasn’t.
    I get the feeling he’d have tested all the producs in those stores. And the shelving. And the desks. And the doors. And the…

  2. Definitely a short-nosed, long legged rat. haha…

  3. So are bath and body items also located in the Everything shop? Those kittens are adorable! I wish they stayed that small.

  4. ahhh Fredericksburg. no..never would compare to a Macy’s. lol

  5. looks like fun. So, you got ditched by Capn Firepants so he could go on another tour? Sounds like something I would do.. hehehe Those puppies and kittens are cute! What a great place to visit… 🙂

    God BLess You!

    the collies and chuck 🙂

  6. Awww. You got me with the kittens. Lucky I wasn’t there…

  7. coincidently we watched beverly hills chihuahua (while at the dentist) for the millionth time yesterday and i think i see some of the stars in this post. loving your posts.

    • Thanks! I must admit that I have not had the pleasure (pain?) of watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua. After being forced to watch Marmaduke with Dimples, I have banned all “cute dog” movies.

  8. I’ll take three of everything, please. And wrap it nicely.

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