In Pursuit of the Poppy Paparazzi

After a day and a quarter of unimaginable fun and hijinx in Fredericksburg, our cousins – the Globetrotters – had to return to Houston.  That left only the Cap’n and I to find trouble.  So, we decided to follow these guys to see what they were up to.  They had been making frequent appearances in droves on Main Street – yet did not appear to be there for the purpose of shopping in quaint stores or touring vineyards.

On Sunday, we found out their true destination – Willow City Loop.

Willow City Loop is a bit outside of town, and is known for its scenery.  It is also known for being a private road, and has many postings, such as this one, warning that you should not  get out of your car.

You will also see many of these signs:

But, this is the only loose livestock we saw:

Note that these people were not in cars.  This herd seemed oblivious to threats, and were willing to make any sacrifice, apparently, to get a good photo.

The sign didn't say you had to stay on your motorcycle...

And there were many good photo opportunities to be had.  This is wildflower season in Texas, and this year they seem to be particularly bountiful.

I managed to get a few good pics myself – without getting a ticket, jumping out of a moving car, being flattened by a motorcycle, or getting shot by an angry Texas ranch owner.

So, that is how we concluded the Great Cap’n Firepants 40th Birthday Celebration Weekend – following a bunch of hogs to heaven.

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  1. Love the flower photos, so beautiful! Sounds like the perfect way to wrap up the Cap’n’s birthday. 🙂

  2. That is so sweet. I love the photos!

  3. Now even the livestock are loose. Has morality completely abandoned us?

  4. Beautiful scenery! I have noticed the bluebonnets starting to fade out…

  5. It looks like the quintessential Spring – what a lovely trip!

  6. “Following a bunch of hogs to heaven” – great line!

  7. The flowers look great. I can’t wait for some to start blooming here.

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