The Wascally Wabbit Escaped!

Dimples and I came home to this on Friday:

It took us a moment to identify Wonderbutt’s new toy.  He proudly led us to the remains of the toy and its companions.

Lovingly gathered with his other toys at the perfect spot on the stairs for ankle-twisting.

In case you have not figured it out by now, it was originally a collection of Easter Bunny straws that Dimples had washed had laid out on the counter on a paper towel to dry.  It had been there for two days before Wonderbutt decided that the straws were meant for him. Because that’s why we put things on the counter, you know.  To keep him entertained while we are gone.

This one straw was "passed over" by Wonderbutt for reasons unknown.

I did try to get a holiday photo that would be a bit more appropriate.

It won’t surprise you that Wonderbutt would not cooperate.

Wonderbutt does all exploring with his mouth.

It's going to be another colorful day in the Poop Pen. Sigh...

Mrs. P.I.B. tactfully pretended not to see the Easter Bunny when he/she came to hide the eggs.

But, if the Easter Bunny did not make it to your house, this may be why - he/she was assaulted by Wonderbutt. It was not a pretty sight...

That dog is determined to dismantle society as we know it – one calendar page at a time.

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  1. Wonderbutt, was that big egg full of treats? Never mind, I guess every egg is a treat to you. I’ve got one thing to say though – Don’t mess with the Easter Bunny! At least not until he gets to my house.

  2. I bet it makes Dimples a more patient, understanding person having things “shared” with Wonderbutt. We could stand to borrow Wonderbutt around here for a week or so. Maybe they would be a little more understanding if Wonderbutt got ahold of their doll or Legos…

  3. You have to write a book about him. Really, you could go a whole series…

  4. !! I am glad the photos stopped at the end – I didn’t like the look on his face – not sure if I wanted those images in my head – Wonderbutt is naughty 🙂

  5. Do think WB has a beef with bunnies in general or maybe it’s more of a holiday angst thing?

  6. I think you need to live in one of those smooth, all glass and metal show homes, where there is nothing to chew or drag to a more private spot for consumption. Even the decor could be nailed down to keep it safe.

    I love Wonderbutt, but I’m glad he’s your darling and not mine.

  7. HOW did he get up on the counter to get the straws? He is amazing!

  8. Wonderbutt is unstoppable. He is THE TERMINATOR!

  9. We are running about a week behind in our reading (who’s the we…it’s just me). Wonderbutt is like the Eveready Bunny…he just keeps on going & going…and I just keep on laughing and laughing!

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