I Miss The Hairbrush Song

O.K.  Just crossed one more thing off of my list.  Dimples’ Christmas c.d. is finally finished.

Yes, I know it’s the day after Easter.

And, no, I am not starting early on this year’s Christmas list.  Do you not know me at all by now?

Allow me to explain.

Every year, since she turned 1 in 2002, Dimples has received a carefully compiled c.d. of special songs for Christmas.  Each song somehow reminds me of her.  They are generally a mix of “kid” songs and “grownup” songs.  Here is the playlist from the first year:  I Hope You Dance, You Are So Beautiful, Over the Rainbow, Because You Loved Me, You & Me Against the World, Say Goodnight, Tomorrow, Wonderful World.

Pretty sappy, huh?

Over the years, the songs have morphed a bit to try to incorporate Dimples’ actual taste in music.  Miss Independent and The Hairbrush Song (from Veggie Tales) debuted in 2005.  Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield made the 2006 cut.  In 2007, Trans-Siberian orchestra just HAD to be included.

2009 is where things went awry.  First of all, I included Boom Boom Pow by the BlackEyed Peas, not realizing I had downloaded the explicit version.  Dimples informed me that there was a bad word on her Christmas c.d.  We had the talk about how words aren’t bad; it’s just how and where you use them.  Since her name isn’t Fergie or Will.I.am, and she does not often perform on stage in front of millions of people, Dimples seemed to accept that her life does not often provide the appropriate context for that kind of language.

The problem was that Dimples decided that she liked that c.d. so much, she played it for a year. Every day.  And every night.  Because she cannot go to sleep unless her c.d. player is on.  And no other c.d. would do.

Eager to transition to a new c.d. that played anything, ANYTHING, other than Boom Boom Pow, I quickly burned a new c.d. for Christmas 2010.  It included what I thought were some great hits in the 8th year of Dimples – Movie Loves a Screen, Human, You Found Me, …

Dimples tried it for one night, and declared that there was NO WAY she was going to sleep with that c.d. on.  There were too many slow songs, for one thing (according to her), and I forget what her other equally unreasonable reasons were.

It is amazing, after two years of listening to the same ten songs every day and every night, how it finally becomes white noise in your environment.  Either that, or I went insane and I haven’t figured it out yet.  Now that I think about it, that could explain why we got Wonderbutt, the bulldog puppy, in December 0f 2010…

Anyway, this past Christmas, I was in no rush to carry on the c.d. tradition based on the lack of customer appreciation the preceding year.

About the end of January, Dimples said, “Hey!  Where’s my Christmas c.d.?”

I gave her what I imagine to be my You’re Kidding look.

Fergie learned the You've Got to Be Kidding Look from me. photo credit: nicogenin via photopin cc

Every month since then, about once a week, Dimples has asked where her c.d. is.  Since it is now April, I’m thinking she might actually be serious.  So, I made her a new c.d. on Easter Day.  It still had the title, “Merry Christmas!”, and the year, 2011.  She deemed the song choices, “very good”.

Last night, as I was reading to her before bed, Dimples interrupted to say, “I’m going to listen to the old c.d. one last time.”

Boom Boom Pow right to the kisser.


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  1. ha! 1. love the look you stole from fergie. 2. our kids love boom boom pow (probably the explicit version – i am not sure) and we have a video of the 3 year old dancing it and singing it with her large mic. 3. that you make a cd for your kid every year is very touching. i am beyond impressed. 4. that your kid appreciates this cd is equally touching and impressive, and 5. hairbrush song – nice taste. that is a classic.

    • I’ve kind of gotten over worrying about explicit songs. My filter doesn’t even notice them anymore. And, BTW, it’s easy to have the c.d. tradition when you only have one kid. It’s not that impressive, especially when I am more than 4 months late with her Christmas gift!

  2. 1. Monica pre-empted my list. She’s quick, that Monica
    2. Sappy? No, it’s fabulous. Go you.
    3. I suspect you are slightly insane (but in a good way). Wouldn’t it be boring to be one of the masses?
    4. What is on this year’s cd?
    5. MOST excellent post!

    • This year’s? Good Life, Keep Your Head Up, Stereo Hearts, Stronger, Drive By, King of Anything, Brighter than the Sun, I Won’t Give Up, I Have Confidence, Set Fire to the Rain

  3. What a wonderful post and what a great idea the cd is (well, when it works) – great memories for the future too – Dimples is lucky!

  4. Hahahahaha! I don’t think Dimples will ever retire the old c.d. I think you are stuck with it! 🙂

  5. See what you started?

  6. I really like this CD tradition! Although, it does seem to have some unintended consequences… Eventually that CD will just have to wear out. Or maybe Wonderbutt will come across it?

  7. I love this! First off the cd idea…consider it stolen. Or borrowed, borrowed sounds better. Although I am sure you wouldn’t mind my stealing the boom boom pow disc. If it turned up missing I have no doubt you’d be making a new one. STAT.

    Second, what I love even more is that Dimples made you make a new CD for 2011. It’s almost as if it’s not the actual disc she was after, but rather the tradition of having the said disc. Someday she will have a stack of discs that will musically tell a story of who she was and what her interests were at 6 and 9 and 12. I think that is awesome.

    My husbands grandmother had a tradition where every Christmas she would write a poem and tuck it into their stocking. It was a message from “Santa” and it talked about all the highlights of their life over the previous year. She died when he was in his late 20’s and he has them from his 1st Christmas all the way up to his 27th. It’s his life in a book. We have carried the tradition on for our daughter. He’s always said in the event of a fire grab the kid, the dog, and the poems. I have no doubt the CDs hold the same sentimental value to her.

  8. That is super sweet. I love that tradition and think you need to continue it no matter what. P.S. I feel the same way about I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas (as you do about Boom Boom Pow) because someone burned it on a CD for my kids and they listened to it NON-STOP for like 6 months. Anytime I hear it I have to switch it!

  9. Howl! This is hilarious and sweet! We would be sitting constantly with our paws covering our ears if that song was played so often in our house. Maybe Wonderbutt hates the Black Eyed Peas and he takes it out on your furniture? 🙂 Great post!
    Bella and DiDi

  10. That’s very sweet of you!
    You should remind her that her one more night with the old cd passed several days ago…

  11. That’s a cute idea, but I would have stopped being so diligent with it after the first year. So congrats for keeping on track for so long!

  12. You have one amazing little Obsessive-Compulsive.

  13. LOL….. great cd’s and story! 🙂 I wish I could’ve done it but I dont think they would like the songs I would pick… hehehehe….

    Keep up the great posts!
    the collies and chuck 🙂

  14. You always have the best last lines!!!!!!!

    And I’m still in the midst of The Hairbrush Song…and all the other Veggie songs…and yes, I’m sure I’ll miss them someday!!!!!

    • Believe it or not, I was having problems with my conclusion, and then that one smacked me in the face.
      My 5th graders still like me to play The Hairbrush Song every once in awhile. You can never be too old for that, I think.

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