April’s Dead Rubber Post

Well, we all knew that it had to happen eventually.  Life caught up with me, and I ran out of time to create a hastily cleverly composed post for today.  So I am going to bore entertain you with a few pics of Wonderbutt as a puppy that I just found.

Wonderbutt with Cap'n Firepants. Note the pristine carpeting upon which they sit.


Probably his first time ever on grass.

Looking over at his big sister, Mrs. Pain in the Butt

Mrs. P.I.B. introduces Wonderbutt to Big Mean Kitty - soon to become his arch nemesis.

And Wonderbutt now (well, in February at about 17 months old):

He cracks us up when he sits with his back feet tucked in like that!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more finely crafted features from the Firepants Family!


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  1. Bulldog puppies are the best!

    It’s hard to believe that Wonderbutt and Savannah were ever that small!!

  2. love their names. cute baby pics.

  3. Dammit, you’ve given me a yearning to snuggle or acquire a puppy.

    You know, when he sits with his back legs tucked under, Wonderbutt is suckering you into thinking he’s cute while he casually scratches his balloon knot on your carpet.

  4. Keep cool til’ after school…:-)

  5. Ah that gorgeous look of puppy innocence. Before they’ve eaten half the house!

  6. Such a face – he is innocent all wrong doing – forever…

  7. Oh, he’s adorable! And he sits so funny.

  8. We love you Wonderbutt! We have two Bulldog nephews so we are bias. They sit similar to the way you do. Have a good day of chewing!

    Bella and DIDi

  9. This isn’t even a dead rubber post! Such cute pics of baby Wonderbutt – no surprise that he weaseled his way into your family. 🙂 And the way he sits is hysterical! I though my dog was a dork! She likes to lay down with her hind feet stretched out behind her.

  10. i kept scrolling and waiting for a photo of the (possibly?) pristine couch cushions from the puppy days. and, damn that dog’s cute. it *almost* makes me want one.

    • Alas, I did not have the sense to take pictures of our sofa pre-Wonderbutt destruction. I’m sure I have some in a digital file somewhere, but it’s probably not worth it. It wasn’t the most attractive couch to begin with.

  11. He was a cute puppy and he is a good looking guy now! What a wonderful dog! We loved the pictures!
    God Bless You!
    the collies and chuck 🙂

  12. Very lovely pictures of Wonderpup! I approve of his seating position – it looks very comfortable. However, as I am a lady I always sit with my ankles crossed 🙂

  13. Oh Wonderbutt…it’s easy to see why they fell in love with you. What great puppy pictures!

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