Just in Case You’re Wondering

Why do we put up with the Willful Ways of Wonderbutt?  I often ask myself that question.  Particularly at moments like this:

In a strange way, it almost looks like a piece of art...

Wonderbutt is certainly not the only one in the household who behaves strangely.  Perhaps you have lived with pets that do not suffer from any sort of psychological disturbances.  I have never had that pleasure.  It’s entirely possible that I am the reason for each one’s idiosyncrasies.  So, I partly suffer their insanity out of guilt.  But, I have to say that, 99% of the time they give me joy.  And that makes it all worthwhile.  And makes me both remorseful and greedy.

Today, I arrived home to one dog – Wonderbutt.  I am normally greeted by two.  My first thought was that Cap’n Firepants might have accidentally locked Mrs. P.I.B. outside this morning when he left for work.  My second thought, which was probably a bit unfair to Wonderbutt, was that our overly boisterous bulldog had given our sweet 11 year old Golden Retriever a heart-attack.

But Wonderbutt, the Tattle No-Tail, quickly led me to the hallway, where I found this:

Mrs. P.I.B. has always suffered from the delusion that being closer to our bedroom makes her safer - even if we aren't home.

It briefly stormed today, inspiring Mrs. P.I.B. to storm the gate to the Forbidden Section.  Although brave enough to leap over it once, Mrs. P.I.B.’s fear of repeating such a hazardous undertaking trapped her in the hallway.

Since we had prudently closed all hallway doors this morning, knowing there was a chance of rain, Wonderbutt saw no benefit in taking the risk, himself, and, in an unusual turn of events, became the Good Dog.

Mrs. P.I.B. panted exaggeratedly on the other side of the gate, despite the fact that the storm had passed long before and there was absolutely no threat to her well-being other than herself.

I took pity, and moved the gate, allowing Wonderbutt to barrel through to the Forbidden Section while Mrs. P.I.B. jumped over him to get out.  On the other side, she seemed to reconsider this decision, particularly when she saw how delighted Wonderbutt was to replace her.

I set the gate aside, and allowed them to both romp beside me while I made my way to the computer.  As soon as I was seated, Wonderbutt plopped down on the floor beside me, and Mrs. P.I.B. curled up in the hall.  They both put their heads down and went to sleep.

When you realize that you have the power to bring contentment to two living beings with your mere presence, it gives you a certain sense of worth.  And, believe it or not, that is far more valuable than a smelly old couch with lumpy cushions.

I guess we will find out in about another month how it compares to a brand new couch and a husband who is nearing the end of his tether…

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  1. I was totally wondering 🙂 My best friend has a dog that needed Prozac – until she discovered doggie-pyjamas which are tight-fitting and seem to calm the dog down. Then it turns out poor wee dogeen has always had a terrible bad back, so no wonder she got anxiety over hunching up to poop. After 8 years of panic attacks, however, the dog is in the habit and only the PJ’s help. Wonder if you can make/buy them in Golden size? My Akita’s insecurities I blame entirely on the hubby undermining my rules, but there is no destruction, at least.

    • I had a dog on Prozac about 15 years ago. I really do seem to collect neurotic pets. I’ve thought about getting Mrs. P.I.B. “The Thundershirt”, but I’d hate to spend the money if it’s not going to work.

  2. You are such a good mommy WIM2S. To your daughter and your dogs. 😉

  3. I think it’s awesome that Wonderbutt wouldn’t step over the flattened gate and is looking at you with that “See I was good.”

    Having your dog being so excited to see you when you get home IS a great feeling.

  4. I used to have a golden retriever who hated storms. She would completely freak out. I wonder if it’s a breed thing. Most dogs are afraid of storms I assume, but I wonder if all yellow dogs really have a problem with it.
    It’s great to have your dogs so calmed by your presence. My cat does the same with me.

  5. How could you not love that face…? 🙂

  6. Wonderbutt is such a tattletale.

  7. That picture is priceless!
    Bella and DiDi

  8. And everything was right in their world, once you came home. Yes, I (would) put up with a lot of mayhem in return for that trust.

  9. Yes I have to admit to having wondered….

  10. I have a golden retriever who is also the “good dog,” but she, too, sometimes slips up (if we leave any of the bathroom doors open, we can expect a shredded toilet paper wonderland).

  11. you are a dog-lover and dogs belong with you. if i EVER agree to another dog – it will have to be another golden because they are really humans dressed as goldens.

  12. I bet Wonderbutt was thrilled to get Mrs. P.I.B. in trouble for once. I always love it when Scratchy is actually the bad one and I can get him in trouble.

  13. I love that you have Wonderbutt and Mrs. P.I.B.
    Because you don’t live anywhere near me, so that means my neighborhood is safe!

    And even though you only post the funny, horrible stuff, surely they aren’t like that all the time?

  14. The picture is precious! LOL… Wonderubtt is saying .. “see, I am innocent!” Yes, it is amazing how we can give our wonderful furry family members so much happiness and love in such easy ways.

    God Bless You! Great post! Good Luck with the couch! 🙂

    the collies and chuck 🙂

  15. This: “It briefly stormed today, inspiring Mrs. P.I.B. to storm the gate to the Forbidden Section” made me laugh so hard… awesome wording 🙂
    Gwynn greets me when I get home like i’d been gone for months… it’s an amazing ego-boost. I can only imagine that two characters like your pups would be able to shower at least twice as much affection on you.

  16. Perhaps Wonderbutt is maturing and has now become the best behaved dog in the world! hahahaha – I had you believing it for a micro second 🙂

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