Synchronized Dog Paddling – the New Sport?

Dimples, our 9 year old daughter, is involved in synchronized swimming.  This weekend, she is participating in a meet, so today’s post will be short.

As Dimples and I walked out the door to head over to the meet, Wonderbutt bulldogdozed ahead of us, and hopped into the car, where we had just piled all of her required “equipment”.

He refused to leave the car.  Perhaps he is eager to try swimming again, and would like to perform a routine with Dimples?

I doubt it. He's not exactly a team player.


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  1. Maybe he could lead the pack…

  2. I swear in all the pictures, WB looks mellow and nonchalant. I guess looks can be deceiving! Hope Dimples did had fun!

  3. Maybe he didn’t want you to go and was threatening to tear up the stuff. He looks so calm and happy though, I don’t know.

    • Usually, he likes to try to rip Dimples’ swim bag (made of duct tape, of course!), but in this instance, he decided that he would have a better chance of traveling with us if he just sat on it.

  4. AH, the old, I want to hide in the gym equipment trick.

  5. good luck to dimples!

  6. We would pay many treats to see Wonderbutt doing a synchronized swimming routine. We hope Dimples had fun.

    Bella and DiDi

  7. The second picture of Wonderbutt is especially good. He is bcoming a very good looking boy 🙂

  8. I’m sure Dimples would be thrilled to do a synchronized routine with Wonderbutt…. or not…

  9. On the other hand, he might be very willing ot join the team if there were something to gnaw. Maybe he could sabotage the other team?

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