Angels Cross Here

My sister, Crash, texted this picture that was ostensibly taken near Appalachian State University by someone she knows.

Assuming this is an actual sign, and one of us isn’t being bamboozled, what the heck does it mean?

The guess from her friend was, “Watch out for flying, drinking, hula hooping college drunks.”  At first, I thought that was a bit redundant.  I mean, don’t all drunks hula hoop?

My take was, “Angels cross here, so don’t throw boomerangs at their knees by accident.”

Another possibility, “It’s best to walk in erratic 3/4 circles so raptors won’t land on your shoulder.”

Any other ideas?

By the way, my Spring Membership Drive is still going on.  Yesterday, I snagged one more subscription!  Only 5.988888 million or so to go to reach my goal!  I’d be much obliged if you are a new reader and commit to a subscription!


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  1. Fred Astaire is buried here?

  2. How about – ‘good place to snag an angel here’?

    If all your subscribers created 5 new e-mail addresses at places like hotmail and yahoo, and then subscribed with each of those addresses, imagine how far your numbers would reach? 🙂

    • I have been looking for a place to snag an angel so I might need to go hunt down that sign!
      As for your e-mail idea, I hadn’t thought of that! That would certainly help me reach my goal much faster. Of course, I don’t really know why I have that goal in the first place…

  3. that is one strange sign…… wow! We have no idea what it means…. 🙂

  4. Is that a dangerous spot? Have a lot of people died there?? That’s a weird sign!

  5. I tried to think of a creative suggestion but yours are the best!

  6. Ummm…. “Beware, truly weird hallucinations ahead”? Or maybe, “Don’t eat the mushrooms”?

  7. how about “You take your life in your hands by crossing here.”

  8. “Check it…I scored some stencils at Goodwill.”

  9. Sorry, didn’t mean to be anonymous!

  10. Guardian angels working here. Stay within the outlined path to receive Devine guidance. For best reception kneel, making ears inline with halo.

  11. I thought it meant that you can only cross that street if you hula hoop while wearing those dinky fairy wings. I’d never be allowed to cross – I can’t remember how to hula hoop! Crash is awesome, by the way!

  12. I want to know what it means and I also want to know why it even exists!

  13. Glad to hear the Spring Membership Drive is off to a rip roaring start! It looks like some guy trying to pick up a girl with his hula hooping skills while showing off his angelic yet social personality.

    Bella and DiDi

  14. Isn’t it obvious? Man disoriented after discovery of headless parrot on shoulder 🙂

  15. May the force be with you!

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