On Second Thought…

It seems that I may have judged the manufacturers of Wonderbutt’s Orbee Planet ball a bit too harshly yesterday.  Wonderbutt did, after all, only manage to eat the continents.  The ball itself is still intact.

Original Ball…

After the Wonderbutt Treatment

After I wrote yesterday’s post, I wandered into the front room to see what Wonderbutt was doing.  On the stairs, I found this:

That, my friends, used to be a tennis ball.  Wonderbutt didn’t even like to play with that ball.  Mrs. P.I.B., our golden retriever, is the house tennis champion.  I guess our canine piranha was frustrated by the absence of any more continents to consume on his own ball, and decided to take it out on another unsuspecting sphere.

Our new furniture arrives later this week.

We’re screwed.

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  1. Wonderbutt reminds me of Mathilda the pet pig who dug 5 acres of lawn up in 5 minutes. I was trying to figure out what the tennis ball was before scrolling down and I couldn’t! I hope your new furniture is made of cement?

  2. Wow! Um, can you contact the furniture people and get your furniture in concrete? Perhaps try the Fred Flintstone special? Hmmm………. perhaps you could get beanbags? Easy to fix…… 🙂

  3. Bella has moved onto mouth guards… and their respective plastic cases. 🙂

  4. Uh oh! What are you going to do about the new furniture?? It will be great blogging material, but kinda costly…

  5. misswhiplash

    Not so sure about ‘we;re screwed’ sounds more like screwed and chewed! Does you new furniture come with a guarantee against the Wonderbutt…..

  6. Wonderbutt? Great name! Pity about the ball.

  7. He only ate the land – let him know it is important to hydrate…

    • Don’t worry. Hydration is not a problem with Wonderbutt. He is also kind enough to slobber water all over the floor in case it needs hydrating too. Or, in the hope one of us will slide to our death. It’s hard to tell his exact motivation.

  8. Poor tennis ball!
    We just got new furniture and it’s patio furniture but we’re using it inside because we’re fairly certain my cat’s claws can’t rip up the metal. We’ll see.

  9. Double Howl! Poor Mrs. PIB! We hope Wonderbutt’s urge to redecorate disappears.

    Bella and DiDi

  10. Maybe you should get a big bag of rubber continent shapes and attach them to the new sofa. Wonderbutt could pull those off and leave the couch alone!

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