Round and Round

I’ve decided that my daughter, Dimples, elderly friend, MILlie, and Donald Trump are all conspiring to drive me bonkers.  The three of them seem to enjoy having the same darn conversation over and over again…

Dimples:  Can I get this hair band for my hair?

Me:  No.

Dimples:  Why not?

Me:  Because you won’t wear it.

Dimples:  Yes, I will.

Me:  That’s what you said the last three times.

Dimples:  No, I didn’t.

Me:  Yes, you did.  And then I fell for it, and you didn’t wear it.

Dimples:  So-o-o, can I get it?

Me:  Yeah.  No.


Me (to MILlie, our elderly friend):  I notice you are wearing your old glasses.  As soon as I get out of school, I’ll take you to get the scratch on your new ones fixed.

MILlie:  It won’t make a difference.  They’re no good.

Me:  What do you mean?  That was the 5th pair we’ve gotten this year!  You said they were good!

MILlie:  They don’t work.  He didn’t fit them to my eyes.

Me:  Of course he fit them to your eyes. He used the prescription you gave him – remember, the one that you went to get on your own because you didn’t like the one that my doctor gave you?

MILlie:  They give me a headache.

Me:  You said the old ones, the ones you are wearing now, the ones you keep going back to every time we get you a new pair, give you a headache.

MILlie:  But I can take these off when I read.

Me:  Now, I’m getting a headache.


As for Trump, I’m sending him a box of Dimples’ headbands, since I think he needs them way more than she does. Or, maybe he would like to borrow one of MILlie’s pairs of glasses, so he can take them off when he examines President Obama’s birth certificate for the 798th time.  Geez, dude, give it a rest.


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  1. Yes it is so time to Give it a Rest!!! Bury it or get a hobby…..

  2. I saw on The Daily Show last night (we get it a day or two later here) that The Don’ has been building a golf course in Scotland. Maybe he’ll stay there? Imagine if he started wearing a kilt and the wind blew the way it did in your pic… NO! SCRATCH THAT THOUGHT!!!

  3. Too funny. The whole hair tie thing is a big conspiracy. Good job staying strong. They are actually stretchy robots, and if you let them into your house, they will soon hide in some remote corner of the room or just anywhere except the place you actually need them, just to mess with us moms.

  4. Haha, hilarious! At least what you have to deal with doesn’t make you lose faith in your entire generation.

  5. People obstinately make the same mistakes over and over… and each time they expect that THIS time, they’ll be right. Uumm….no.

  6. I kinda like Donald’s hair. I want to know what ‘products’ he uses. My hair is so unmanageable! As for Obama, well…

  7. omg. hysterical. donald, donald, donald. what the what??? he has more money than GOD – why does he let his hair look like that??? i love this post.

  8. that’s a funny pic, My daughters never wear their headbands either.

  9. Maybe you could send Trump whatever teaching tools you use to develop critical thinking skills for your younger students.
    Too advanced for him? Ah well…

  10. Can you send me a box of headbands too? I’ll share them with Dimples!

  11. Brilliant! Donald needs a good headband. We are covered in fur and he still looks like a bigger mess than us.

    Bella and DiDi

  12. The collies thought they had wild hair.. heheeh

  13. He doesn’t have the right to complain about anyone with that hairdo of his. It’s hideous. Pigtails. He could wear pigtails for Pete’s sake.

  14. Oh, MILlie! Goodness, you have the patience of a saint. And I am so irritated with Donald Trump- seriously give it a rest! Ugh, he drives me crazy.

  15. Chancy and Mumsy

    Loved this post! Gotta agree with you on the Trump. Hugs and nose kisses

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