whatimeant2invent #4

So, the other day I mentioned my intention to enlist my 9 year old daughter into “Mom Camp” for the summer.  Then, the other other day, I was with my mother-in-law on a tour of a potential independent living facility (for her, not me), and suddenly – poof! – two ideas met and married each other within seconds in my brain.  It was a match made in heaven.

Actually, it was a match made in the Catholic chapel at the independent living facility.  And if you have followed me for awhile, you will probably be quite surprised that it was only an idea that struck me, and not a bolt of lightning – what with my Harry Potter nativity at Christmas and my attempts to join the Order of the Temple of the Jedi.

Anyway, here’s the idea.  I guess it’s not technically an invention, but oh well.  And I must give some credit to one of my commenters on the Mom Camp post, Time to Be Inspired, who thought, for just a moment, that I was talking about a camp for moms instead of a camp run by Mom.  Easy mistake to make when you think about it.

So, as we were being shown all of the lovely facilities at the independent living site, I grew increasingly convinced that this peaceful place, with all of the amenities (hair salon, library, three dining areas, heated pool, etc…) was exactly the type of place to which I needed to immediately move.

Of course, there’s the problem of the 9 year old daughter.  And the Wonderbutt.  I think I could sneak Mrs. P.I.B. in as a therapy dog – at least until the first thunderstorm, during which the residents would see that she is the one who needs the therapy.

O.K.  So, I can’t live there.  But a month week weekend there would be just the kind of camp  I need.  A camp of peace and quiet with three meals a day and an emergency pull cord in my room in case I get bored am attacked by my viciously inefficient colon.

So, here’s my idea:  PLACES LIKE THIS SHOULD RENT OUT ROOMS TO MOMS!  WHO NEED PEACE AND QUIET!  And don’t want to do archery and karaoke and make a craft like those other “mom” camps advertise.

Think about the money they could make!  They could even have some kind of Frequent Trier Program, where the more times you “try” the place out, the better chance you have getting permanent residency when you’re actually old enough to live there.

Every mom who is reading this KNOWS that this is a great idea.  And someday, when someone else implements it, and makes millions of dollars, you can point out to them that I, Mrs. Cap’n Firepants, mother of Dimples, Wonderbutt and Mrs. P.I.B., was the first one to think of it.

Yet another reason that I am advocating for next month to be Google Search Trauma Awareness Month. Why did this pic show up when I searched for MOM CAMP?
photo credit: ialla via photo pin cc

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  1. Can I interest you in a wee spa holiday…Like a ‘Mum Camp’ only withe better food and activities

  2. I still think a week-end isn’t long enough… but it would be a start!

  3. That is an amazing idea, I would pay for it.

  4. Miranda Gargasz

    Sign me up! Sign me up!

  5. I always thought that’s what spa weekends were for. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had one of those either. So I likely wouldn’t be getting one of these mom camps that you’re talking about.

  6. I think it is a brilliant idea – ha!

  7. I dont understand the picture. Lol I was in the hospital one time and i tried to get out of the bathroom and the door handle fell off . So i tried the call string thing and that was broken. Lol

  8. Sign me up. I think they should rent out the padded rooms in insane asylums too.

  9. That sounds like a brilliant idea! You should open one. You’ll be rich in no time!

  10. Chancy and Mumsy

    Now that sounds like a super idea. You will always have a long waiting list. Hugs

  11. peace, quiet, solitude ..Heaven on Earth!

  12. Let me think about this… you mean I could ship my wife off for a long period of time to get peace, quiet, relaxation? hmmm….. that means I would get long periods of time of peace, quiet, relaxation and more….. hmmmm….. I’m sold when do I ship her out? LOL

  13. I’ve been hoping for years for a not-too-serious illness that would send me to the hospital for a few days.

  14. I want a Dad Camp, but without the annoying Dads.

  15. This is brilliant and yes, all royalties should go to you when it goes into effect! I’m not a mom, but if I were one I would totally want to go to that kind of mom camp. 🙂

  16. You have a unique sense of humor! “Frequent Trier Program” – inspired!! 🙂 🙂

  17. Ya know… that really pretty cool. I have already decided that I’m gonna live on a cruise ship when I retire… if I can find one that doesn’t ever really sail and lets you have your pets with you.

  18. Wouldn’t it better as a Non-Mom camp? Pack off the pets and the rest of the family and Mom can lounge at home…

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