Some More Texts from Wonderbutt

My 9-year-old daughter and I went on an impromptu trip to Dallas this weekend.  (We live in San Antonio, about 5 hours away.)  Our bulldog, Wonderbutt, stayed home with Cap’n Firepants, but obviously missed us.

(You can learn more about Mark Cuban here.  He owns the basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks, arch-rival of our own San Antonio Spurs.  And he has said some pretty negative things about our city over the years.)

Wonderbutt Smoking a Cuban.
Not Wonderbutt. (Wonderbutt is far cuter.)  Probably not a Cuban, either.
photo credit:

Wonderbutt missing us. Courtesy of Cap’n Firepants.

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  1. Every place needs a Wonderbutt.
    Except New York.
    Everywhere except New York needs a Wonderbutt.

  2. Very clever throwing stinky ‘ol Mark Cuban in there. Hope you had fun in Dallas!

  3. I’ve always enjoyed Dallas. & San Antonio is pretty great too. Still loving Wonderbutt’s texts. hehe

  4. While you are away I am going to steal Wonderbutt!

  5. Maybe we could share him jmgoyder…cos i want him too..fancy Mrs Fire Pants leaving poor old WB on his lonesome…could it be classed as child abuse!!!

  6. I’d like to steal Wonderbutt, too. What a boy!

  7. he looks so sad. hope you guys had fun in the big d.!

  8. At least he loves you despite all the stuff he does to drive you crazy

  9. Aaaaw, look at that sad face…

  10. Poor Wonderbutt!!! Looks so sad… Ginger says, just do a dastardly deed and she will be home very quickly… hehehe

  11. Poor sad Wonderbutt! Next time take him to visit with you so he will not be so lonely.

  12. Aww, Wonderbutt. We could have visited and cheered you up. Or we could have called you with our new cell phone.

    Bella and DiDi

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