It Might Be Easier to Keep a White List

I do not generally harbor grudges against people.  I blow a gasket and move on.  But I do tend to be a bit less forgiving of places of business.  There are many who have earned a spot on my “Black List” for various transgressions that range from furniture stores that tried to give me a floor model for the new model price to doctor’s offices that kept leaving information about someone else’s appointment on my voice mail.

You might think that the Hapless Mattress Megastore would be on my Black List after recent events.  And they teetered on the edge there for awhile.  But, our second mattress, the one that smelled like gasoline, has now absorbed the normal smells that mattresses have.  Either that, or my fuel-infused brain now finds it completely normal for my bedroom to smell like a gas pump.  It does not matter, because Cap’n Firepants no longer has back problems, and I no longer have nose problems.  So, the Hapless Mattress Megastore has narrowly escaped my Black List.

Some stores that were on my “Black List” are no longer in business.  This gives me a slight twinge of guilt, because I am certain that the lack of my patronage led to their demise.  Although I should be proud – since they were on my Black List – that I have saved the world from their shoddy customer service practices.

I do not write offenders down.  I keep them in my brain.  This is beginning to become a problem.   One minor problem with keeping them in my brain is that I sometimes forget why I put them on the List.  And then I want to go back, but I know they are on my List, but I can’t remember why.  And it’s possible, though very rare, that I put them on my List for a relatively minor reason that seemed quite upsetting at the time, but I might decide to forgive now – depending on how desperately I need their services again.  Or if they have a really good coupon.

The other problem is franchises.  I could place one Hapless Mattress Megastore on my List, but maybe the branch near my workplace has stellar customer service.  And then I remember the name is on my List, and I even remember why, but I can’t remember if it was the one next to my house, or the one by my grocery store.  Or it could be that it was actually the Hapless Mattress Superstore instead of the Megastore, which is a completely different place with very rude salespeople who sell mattresses they recovered from hurricane victims.

My Black List has gotten out of control.  So, I am implementing a few new rules:

  • I am keeping an actual, visual list on my iPad with the name of the place and the description of its offense.
  • And I am never shopping or eating at a franchise again.
  • UNLESS it is a franchise that I have already deemed Better than Acceptable.  Then, it shall be grandfathered in.

I would post the Black List here so that everyone could benefit from my in-depth research, but the length might crash the servers.

And I don’t want to get sued.

To help you out, though, I have decided to provide you with the list below.  Use it wisely.

Not my Black List. But I like this list.
photo credit: BrittneyBush via photo pin cc


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  1. I am now terrified of being put on the LIST!

  2. You expect me to be able to read that??

  3. I need a T-shirt with that list on it. 🙂

  4. I have a list. Like you, I can rarely remember why anyone made it, which is sad. Sometimes it’s great to dredge up some good old righteous indignation. Just for the fun of it. The main one I do remember is Amazon.

  5. Great post! Ginger says she would check all the items and put everyone in the world in her blacklist… 🙂

  6. Chancy and Mumsy

    I think several copies of that list would be in order around here since what makes me happy would change from day to day. Glad to hear the mattress worked out. Great post as always! Hugs

  7. You should carry the white list with you, and check things off in the store. They’ll know they are being graded, and work extra hard to stay on your good side!

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