How to Be the Best Mom Ever

I realized that I have been going about this summer thing all wrong when one of my daughter’s friends dropped by unexpectedly yesterday afternoon.  She brought a gift.  It is not Dimples’ birthday.  From what I can tell, the only thing worth celebrating on June 29th (besides Katie Holmes filing for divorce) was in 2007 when the first Apple iPhone was released.  But we don’t usually exchange presents to celebrate that auspicious occasion.

Friend:  I brought you something from the beach at South Padre.

Dimples:  Oh, thank you!  (extensive hugging and thanking as Dimples pulls the tissue paper out of the bag; the gift is revealed to be a dolphin pen and a pink bracelet.)

Dimples:  This is so awesome!

Friend:  Yeah, I felt sorry for you since you said you aren’t going on any vacations this summer.  So, I picked these out for you.

Dimples:  You’re the best friend ever!

Within an hour, the bracelet had flown off of Dimples’ hand while she was playing Kinect, and fallen apart.

Then, Dimples fell apart.

In the meantime, I calculated the time I have spent taking Dimples to ice skating, friend’s birthday parties, swimming, frozen yogurt, the bookstore, and Dallas this summer.  (Granted, part of the Dallas trip was to attend a funeral visitation, but we got ice cream there and ate in a pizza restaurant at a furniture store.  In Dallas, I mean.  Not at the funeral.  Though, I think that I am going to add ice cream to my funeral flash mob extravaganza.)

I have promised to fix the bracelet.  But, even if I do that (and I honestly don’t know how) and buy her ten dolphin pens, she will still look on this as her worst summer ever, and her friend will be a star.

I have an idea.  I will go to South Padre next week – without her – and buy her a new bracelet.

That will work, I’m sure.

The broken bracelet. It’s a smiley face. Because it thinks I’m going to fix it.


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  1. Ahhhh, kids! We lived with two humans sisters as they grew into adults. They can be so dramatic but we still would give away most of our treats to help them.

    Bella and DiDi

  2. I feel your pain – hehe!

  3. Chancy and Mumsy

    You best hurry back with that new braclet real fast before Dimples misses you. Don’t feel bad we bet you find something to do before summer ends that Dimples will love. Hugs

  4. Gah. That looks like a simple enough fix though – a piece of fishing line should do it. Wrap it around and through the end beads, and put a bowline on one end so she can tie it round her wrist.
    Then she’ll think you’re even cooler!

  5. I would totally count the funeral trip to Dallas as part of my summer vacation! I wish I had friends that felt bad for me and brought me back cool pink bracelets back from their travels. 🙂

  6. There is a lot of fun to be had in mending the bracelet…just using thin elastic that you can thread through the igives for more satisfaction than just popping off and buying a replacement

  7. My brother considers summers where we don’t do anything to be the best summers ever. This is the kid who claims you will ruin his life if you buy a new couch to replace what is left of the old one.

  8. Great idea! 🙂 Perhaps you should buy her something from yourself also? She may love it! 🙂

  9. Just order one online. I think this is the worst summer also cuz i dont get a vacation. Im lucky if i can afford to buy ice cream this summer. LoL

  10. No vacation here this summer either, yet my kids are living it up going along with other people on their vacations. And I still have to pay for them, so I’m getting the short end of the stick. Such is life, I guess.

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