No. I Was Just Going to Drive Two Hours to Take a Look at the Place.

I do not have a good track record with doctors.  So, I tend to avoid them if at all possible.  I prefer to use the internet for my diagnoses.

MILlie, an elderly friend of the family, needs to go to the dermatologist.  The only one she likes is in a different town that is about two hours away.  Because I have had experience with trying to convince MILlie to try a new doctor in  our town, I know better than to try that again.  So, I agreed to take her.  Which, in case you were not paying attention to my first paragraph, is a major sacrifice on my part.  I am not telling you this merely because I want you to admire my heroism, but also because I want you to truly understand the irony of the last line of this post.

I called MILlie to make sure I had the right contact information so I could make the appointment.

“Well, let me get out the phone book,” MILlie said.  “Okay.  Here’s the address.”

“That’s okay.  All I really need is the phone number for now,”  I said.

“Well, it’s right across from the hospital.  It’s in a big building.  Across from the hospital.  And, it’s in a suite. S-T-E.”

“No problem.  If you can just give me the phone number, I’ll get the directions from the internet later, and then you can point out the building to me when we get there,” I said.

“Oh.  Am I going to be with you?”

“That was a cool office building. I guess we can drive the two hours back home now. Maybe we should bring MILlie next time.”
photo credit: JeromeG111 via photo pin cc


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  1. Very sweet of you. I’d have told her to just let me know when to pick her up, and let her do the arranging.

  2. misswhiplash

    from that I guess Millie is an older person,which is why she was so muddled

  3. “Am I going to be with you?” LOL!

    Hey, I have a physical coming up – would you mind doing that for me? You can just let me know afterward if I’m okay. 🙂

  4. You mean you didn’t want to go by yourself and just have a look? 🙂 You lead a hilarious life!

  5. That’s so nice of you to take her. I have bad records with doctors. I don’t trust them and I avoid them. The internet is much better at diagnosing things.

  6. Lovely MILlie – first the glasses and now the skin specialist. I wonder what she has in store for you next…?

  7. You’re uber-sweet and she’s hilariously adorable!

  8. Hahaha! Oh, how I love MILlie stories.

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