Sunny and Clear – Still

Wonderbutt, the Destructive Bulldog, has been very uncooperative lately.  Which means that he has been very well-behaved.  Which is very disappointing when you have pledged to write a blog post every day and you have run out of anything remotely interesting to say.

The other day, I had forgotten that I had granted Wonderbutt limited access to the Forbidden Section.  I realized while I was typing on my computer that he was not in his usual spot sprawled out next to me.  My heart sunk, realizing that I had left my favorite pair of shoes on the closet floor, and probably the door was open.

I ran into the bedroom, and Wonderbutt looked up in surprise from his prey – a chew toy.  Meant for dogs.  To chew on.  I’m afraid the poor guy is losing his edge.

The entire family was certain that we would have a great story to tell after the night of July 4th.  Considering that Mrs. P.I.B., our Golden Oldie, is even more afraid of firecrackers than she is of thunder, we all figured that it was inevitable that she would break out of the Kitchen Corral while we were gone searching for a free firework show.  Wonderbutt was in the Corral with her, so we all pictured Mrs. P.I.B. making a break for it out of panic, and Wonderbutt following behind in glee, eager to destroy.

Once we were out of the house, I realized that I had not even remembered to put a baby gate in the hall to close off the Forbidden Section – meaning that Wonderbutt would have free reign if Mrs. P.I.B. succeeded in her jailbreak.  I mentioned this to the family, and we all agreed that it had been awhile since Wonderbutt had wreaked havoc, and maybe I would have some good pictures of the destruction to post.  Cap’n Firepants did mumble something about “how much money this will cost us,” but I think that even he recognized that our boring streak has gone on for far too long.  Plus, the more I have to write about Wonderbutt, the less Cap’n Firepants gets featured on this blog.

Alas, we arrived home and both dogs were still firmly esconced in the Kitchen Corral.  I vaguely entertained the idea of throwing something into the Corral for Wonderbutt to chew up.  But, so far, I have resisted making our household into a scripted reality show.

In summary, Wonderbutt has become disappointingly disinterested in decimating our domicile.  Now I know how San Antonio weather reporters feel.

Wonderbutt chewing up my rare raccoon fur gloves. Or a dog toy.

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  1. Hey, don’t look an appropriately-filled-with-toys-meant-for-him-gift-mouth in the dog. Or something…

  2. Look at him maturing.

  3. I’m so sorry. It is truly bittersweet when they grow up. Yay for an unchewed on couch, but boo on the dearth of entertaining tales to tell at parties. Get another bulldog.

  4. The shifty look is priceless. All he needs is a number around his neck and one of those height scales in the background for his mug shot.

  5. Chancy and Mumsy

    We think anything about Wonerbutt is interesting so keep on posting destruction or not. You may should look out though could be resting for a real party soon. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. He’ll certainly doing something wonderbuttfully horrendous now that you have written about how good he is.

  7. Not sure if this is a good thing for your sanity or if it’s going to make it worse…

  8. Maybe if you put a little vodka or something in his water bowl…

  9. it’s rare that two blogs cross paths, but it’s happened. wonderbutt has eaten our RACCOONS and i am grateful beyond words. and if those are really raccoon gloves – i am worried about you. ;o)

  10. Wonderbutt is growing up… however this means while his antics will be few and far between they will now be bigger and better than ever! LOL… Love the last picture!

  11. You are currently in the ‘eye’ of the storm. Enjoy the calm and tranquility while it lasts! 🙂

  12. Love the line about the weather reporters. Having worked at a newspaper, we used to dread the days of bad weather and who would would get the dreaded “weather story.” But on a slow news day, you’re right, you wish for anything. My kids aren’t giving me any news either.

  13. Darn them for being such good dogs! Where’s the blog fodder, I ask?! (and please don’t say out in the poop pen) 😉

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