Another Two Hours of My Life I Won’t Get Back

So, we have an elderly friend, MILlie, who moved into town a year ago.  MILlie needs to go to a doctor.  Instead of choosing from one of the thousands in San Antonio, she wants to see her former doctor.  Which is fine.  Except that he is 2 hours away.  And MILlie doesn’t drive.  For a recap of the beginning of this story, you can go here.

After finally getting the doctor’s correct name from MILlie, assuring her that I did, indeed, intend to have her accompany me on the trip, doing an internet search, calling a wrong number that directed me to the right number, calling the right number only to be told I needed to give them more information which I didn’t have, calling MILlie to get More Information, calling back to give them More Information, not being asked when I called back the second time for the More Information..

I made an appointment.

We were in business.  I marked the date on the calendar for MILlie’s appointment and cleared my schedule for our road trip.

MILlie came over a few days ago.

“I need you to cancel that appointment,” she said.

I raised an eyebrow.  At least that’s what I think I did.

I hope I didn’t look like this.
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But more like this.
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Although, it possibly could have been more like this.
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“May I ask why?” I cautiously said.

She pulled out an entire section of the newspaper from her purse.

“I was afraid you were going to argue with me, so I brought this as proof,” she said.

“Don’t Ever Drive in this Town Two Hours Away Because The Roads Suck and You Will Die a Horrible Death” the headlines said.  Or something to that effect.

“The roads are terrible there because all of the oil trucks are ruining them, and I would hate for something to happen to you just because you were driving me to the doctor,” MILlie said.

The roads are terrible here, too.  But, I did not point this out to MILlie.  Part of me was jumping for joy that I wouldn’t be going on the road trip, part of me was resenting all of the time I spent planning this adventure, and part of me was thinking about the last time I took MILlie to a doctor in town – which was not an experience either one of us would like to re-live.  The environmentally concerned part of me was ticked off at all of the oil trucks, and the financially desperate part of me was wondering how I could cash in on this whole oil thing…

MILlie said, “So you don’t mind canceling the appointment?”

“Are you okay with me picking a doctor here in town?”


I gulped.  “Alrighty then.  I will get right on that.”

As soon as MILlie was gone, I called the 2 Hour Away Doctor.  “Uh, do you guys have a recommendation for a doctor here in San Antonio?” I asked.

“We’ll have someone call you back with that information.”

I’m still waiting.

Something tells me I’m going to wish I’d made that road trip.


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  1. There is a special place in the world for people like you… When I find out where it is, I’ll let you know) 🙂

  2. She is a lucky old gal to have you!

  3. BOL sorry but typist is glad that it doesn’t just happen to her!!

  4. Sounds like something from Seinfeld

  5. You look remarkably like Jennifer Aniston.

  6. After all that…. Your adventures with MILlie seem to have a trend.
    And if you figure out how to make some back off of that oil truck business, let us know!! Mama needs a new pair of designer heels. 😉

  7. One thing I’ve learned from my mother: Old people think everything is REALLY FAR. My mother wonders how I kept the Mcdoubles warm ALL the way to her house.

  8. Hahahaha! I really do think you should have your own reality – fly-on-the-wall show! It would be a ratings winner! 🙂

  9. As a family that has two members exhibiting these nervous elderly person behaviors, our hearts go out to you. You are a blessing to MILlie, even if she sometimes feels like a MILlstone to you.

    I’ve always thought Jenny A. looks like you, but you have better hair.


  11. I love the Jennifer Aniston photos! Haha. Man, you are a saint for helping MILlie. 🙂 I hope they call back soon.

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