I Refuse to Get Him the iPhone 5

A couple more correspondences between me and our texting bulldog, Wonderbutt:


Too much barking. Or too much pizza. It’s a toss-up.

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  1. Tammy just saw Wonderbutt and said, “Awwww… I want him. Hey Savannah, come look. Don’t you want him too.”

    She didn’t get off her bed. hahaha…

  2. ha! picturing wonderbutt barking at siri just makes me chuckle. that would make for fabulous tv commercials. if siri were here, she’d sue us for improper working conditions.

  3. See, if he were nice to the neighbor instead of barking at him, maybe he’d order WB a pizza.

  4. If he shouts too much and too often..bite his leg! NO! not a good idea and he might not like it and send you to jail….that would never do…I would miss you too much…so STOP barking

  5. the curtain raiser

    I didn’t realise Siri spoke dog. You learn something new everyday, LOL.

  6. I vote for pizza hangover.

  7. A dog with a mouthful of pizza never barks.

  8. Hilarious, and that picture is adorable

  9. Keep barking, boy. You’ll get that pizza.

  10. He looks like he’s in a pizza coma already. Gotta love Wonderbutt!

  11. LOL… looks like he got his pizza. As for the phone.. think about this…. he would be so preoccupied with the phone he would never chew up anything again! But, then of course the phone bill might be way too high and there may be nothing to chew up again… um.. never mind… 🙂

  12. Sounds like too much texting to me! You put him on a plan, right?

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