Poop Bugs

We interrupt our laborious Labor Day weekend posts to bring you a docublogumentary post from the elusive Cap’n Firepants.  My husband, who usually has to force himself to show any interest in my blogging world, for some reason took it upon himself to provide me with a topic that he thought would fascinate my readers – The Amazing Poop Bugs of  Southeast Texas.

Every time we go to The Ranch, our citified group cannot get over the miraculous work of the dung beetles in the yard.  We usually have a combined total of at least four dogs when we all converge on The Ranch – and four dogs make a lot of poop.  But, no scooping is necessary because these little insects remove it faster than we can.  Well, faster than we, who have absolutely no desire to spend our weekend of relaxation scooping poop, are inclined to do.

This time, the Cap’n decided that the 10 other people who read my blog might actually want to know about these creatures – and would like photos.  So, I give you some morning coffee worthy pics of bowel movement-dozing beetles.  You can thank the Cap’n for this educational post.

Approximately 5.1 billion beetles converge on a poop pile in the middle of the yard.
photo credit:  Cap’n Firepants


Vladimir Pooptin assigns each beetle a ball of poop twice as high as itself to roll across the yard to the Designated Poop Beetle Warehouse, which we still have not discovered.
photo credit: Cap’n Firepants

Rebel Poop Beetles, looking for political asylum, roll their poop balls out of the yard and onto the concrete patio.
photo credit: Cap’n Firepants

In about an hour, the pile of poop is gone.  No sign that it ever existed.  I’m not sure where it goes.  But, as long as it isn’t in my suitcase, I’m good with this process.

We’ve talked about bringing a pack of Poop Bugs back to our house, so we would never have to scoop Wonderbutt’s Poop Pen again.  We’ve talked about breeding them, and marketing them to pet owners and parents of potty training toddlers.

But none of us wants to touch them.

So, instead, for twenty years, we have watched the Poop Bugs perform their magic, and dreamed of making millions of dollars off these remarkably disgusting, but industrious little creatures.

Just one of the many highlights of our weekends at The Ranch…


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  1. I think I need some poop removals beetles! Sadly, it’s way too cold here for half the year.

    The Cap’n certainly has an eye for interesting insect life. I wonder if your super beetles know they are now international superstars.

  2. I completely lost it at “Vladimir Pooptin.” And yes, breeding them is the way to go. Genius idea.

  3. you really are having a really interesting time on the Ranch.If you ever get around to getting the poop-beetle going commercial ..may I buy some please. With 5 dogs you can imagine just how much beetle food is going to waste.
    Only 10 viewers? you must be mistaken……that is sad that they are missing much fun.

    my hubbie is out doing the pooper scooping as I write….

  4. i don’t even know what to say. “Fascinating” isn’t quite right. Maybe… “Engrossing”.

  5. Oh my gosh. I am just fascinated. So disgusted and yet I just couldn’t look away. Yet another animal I would never want to be.

    • Are you a believer in that whole reincarnation, come back as a bug, thing? If that happens, I know I’ll be a dang cockroach. I just know it.

      • I try not to think about it. So many things I wouldn’t want to be! No, I don’t think that happens. It just can’t, can it? I don’t want to be a poop bug. I think things like that are reserved for the really bad people, the ones who stuck out their feet and made you trip in grade school.

  6. Very interesting, and icky at the same time. But thanks for posting – I’ve only seen cartoon caricatures of these creatures before, and that’s close enough for me.

  7. We could use some of those interesting beetles here in New Zealand. Daddy has to do a poop run every week before he mows the lawns and he hates it. Next time he says, he is going to get a small dog.

  8. Man I want some of thoses bugges!!

  9. I’ve seen dung beetles before when visiting nearby Cumberland Island. I was completely consumed by the work ethic and amazing strength of these beetles. I could have done nothing but watch them all day long had my family allowed it! We’ve seen a couple in our yard from time to time, but apparently they were just passing through as there is still plenty of poop to scoop at the end of each week!

  10. All of the above. I “think” dung beetles were sacred in ancient Egypt. A job for the mighty google… Thanks for sharing….

  11. we have a few dung beetles in the backyard and they CREEP ME OUT. we have no dogs, so i suppose they are feasting on deer dung??? i also suppose they are in hog heaven up there at the ranch? ;o)

  12. Cool! He was right, it’s neat! And let’s face it, some pics of poop aren’t going to bother most of your followers when we get up close and personal with any variety of animal poop daily 🙂

  13. This truly was educational! I had no idea these existed… I wonder how many other varieties of functional insects exist that I’m unaware of???

  14. That’s my kind of vacation.

  15. Yeah, they were sacred…. but if ya don’t have bathrooms, you’d LOVE some bugs to take the poop away!

  16. Great idea. Breed and market the bugs. Special poop cleaners would be welcome here 🙂

  17. Those are really interesting. I have never seen a picture of them before. They sound really helpful, too.

  18. You could make a fortune! I love that the Cap’n insisted on this post and the photos. 🙂

  19. Well, now you gone and dung it. 🙂

  20. I must have missed this one! We have something here called a dung beetle – must be the same thing!

  21. Yay for poop bugs! I bet your students would find this little bug very interesting, especially considering you even have a video of it! (Sorry. I catch up on your posts and realize later that I read them backwards. 😦 ).

  22. Ok, I read this the day it came out but failed to comment. I do feel like I learned something though as I never knew poop bugs exsisted. I will file it under “useless trivia” in case I am ever on a game show and they ask me how poop in a yard can just disappear.

  23. OMG…flying poop-bugs? Say it ain’t so.

  24. Vladimir Pooptin! OMG, I’m still giggling. So fitting. The resemblance is striking, don’t you think? That alone validates this interesting (though slightly icky) post. Thanks for sharing.

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  26. Carole Watkins

    Just got thru watching about 6 of these do their thing. What I found amazing is they push the poop with their back legs, they can’t even see where they are going (if they even have eyes) but they seem to know what their target is. These went up to the big rocks that I have lining my driveway, and deposited their stash there. Quite fascinating. Had not see those anywhere else in Texas until I moved to south central Texas.

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